Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mud Man

An innocent trip to the soccer field turned into an amazing adventure!

I've realized I haven't updated you'all on Noah's 18 month stats...

Height: 34 IN = 94%

Weight: 24 lbs =50%

To those who follow carefully you may be saying that those stats are crazy off from what they have been - you're right. Little dude would not sit still or stop screaming!! It was probably our worst appointment to date. The Dr. said it was a good sign and that Noah was just very aware of his surroundings...I always wonder if they just say what they think we as parents want to hear.

My stats:

Height: 33 IN

Weight: 27 lbs

Noah's verbal skills are advancing each day yet his favorite word is still NO!!!

Noah is primo at putting his toys away and throwing away his trash. One day we spent probably a half hour looking for his eaten apple only to finally look in the trash to find his core. What a good boy!

Each day he's learning new skills and behaviors. Noah is hilarious, charming and probably the best person to spend a day with.

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