Friday, August 24, 2012

S'mores please!!

Play by Play
"What is the thing mom made me??"
 "Huh? Maybe it's not so bad"
 "ohh actually it is quite yummy"
 "Delicious in fact"
 "it makes me feel silly"
 "I can't get it fast enough"
 The moment when mom asks "why did I give him that?"

The Mighty

Any yes, the "lake" was that picturesque
 And NO I did not pick out his outfit
 And YES that is Walkers old hat
He did catch some slime :)

Camping '12

It's never good when you start off a camping trip with a big fat
TO (time out)

Thankfully we had our dear friend
"My 'Trina" with us
who brought bribe food!

One may he always so sweet & smiley??

Mike + manpris = ???
Still cute to me!
A few mimosas to balance out the TO's
 Rice cereal is NOT better camping
 But G'pa S. is pretty funny when visiting!!
 Sweet Austin(a) hehe...built-in kid entertainment
 What's wrong with this picture
Mom being a mom.
Dad relaxing & reading??
 There's just something about baby I that makes
G'ma S. just look so darn cute!!!
Our sweet "My 'Trina"
 I will listen to ANYTHING you say G'pa

Random August

It was a blood bath!!!

 Dead bees!

*A Sink Project*
It wasn't bad...

 But this is RAD!!!
 WE H-A-V-E a disposal!!

We feel so "grown-up" sitting at the big table
 GO Colts!!!
It really is lovely we can take one bath now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little "I" = 5 months

WOW how time goes by!!!
Our little bubba is about the sweetest baby ever!!

I have no idea how big he is...he's eating and growing every day.
Isaac is eating a big 'ol bowl of rice cereal each day.
Isaac is drinking somewhere between 32 -38 oz. a day.
Isaac is almost rolling from back to stomach and has stomach to back mastered.
Issac is moving his walker like it's no body's business!
Isaac is a chatty fella.
Oh goodness...I'm sure there's more but I'm at a loss at the moment.

Art in the Gardens

Once again a day in the gardens turns into a
an almost exclusive Noah photo shoot

Break-in Par-tey

We hosted a little gathering to break-in our new
AMAZING backyard!!

 I didn't breakout the camera until it was almost to late
I did get a couple silly one's though!