Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swim Lessons

G'ma S. is so sweet to get Mason and Noah private lessons together. Our few trips to the lake illustrated Noah fearlessness when it comes to water and perhaps wore G'ma's nerves a little too much.

Time to learn to swim!

Noah loves the waster but wasn't too sure about

the blue headed Gabby

Obviously enjoying himself

It only took a year

I just realized we've had our little house for a year! So for you, that means, you'll soon be getting an obnoxious post will all kinds of pictures of our house. Mostly just to keep a record for me but if you (anyone) still follows this blog you'll have to deal.

So what took a year you ask?

I've wanted a tree swing since we moved in.

DH geniusly put one up for me this weekend!!


If you're asking what took so long, let me break it down for you. First have you ever hung a tree swing? Apparently to do it properly it's quite involved, requires months of research and numerous trips to the hardware store. The This Old House site was the winner.

You need:
A drill that can handle drilling through a tree branch - didn't have so we had to purchase
An Auger bit to drill through the tree branch - didn't have so we had to purchase
Bits to drill holes in the seat for the rope - didn't have so we had to purchase
2 eye bolts
washers and nuts
rope - with enough weight capacity
rope thimbles
wood for seat
2 carabiners - with enough weight capacity
a husband that took a knot class with the USCG
Cocktails to celebrate!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Noah Style

All of the sudden someone has grown a very strong opinion about what he's going to wear.

Back home w/the Boys

Indy Trip 2011

We were lucky enough to take a trip to Indiana to visit G'ma and G'pa C. and even luckier to have all of Noah's Aunts, Uncle and Cousin come to visit as well!

Noah wasted zero time being shy...

Uncle David getting a little NLC time...

But not for long, cousin Julia (2 yrs 9 months)

wasn't to sure about sharing daddy

Noah enjoying the view atop G'pa C.
Cousin Cecilia (4 years) on Uncle Bryan
Cousin Julia on Dad/Uncle David
Cousin Ellen (6 yrs 11 months) on DH/Uncle Mike

Indiana Children's Museum

Noah's first Indy Car ride

Cooling off

Bird hunting with G'ma C. -

they could hear the little baby but couldn't find it

Great Aunt Lillie

Indianapolis Zoo with Emma (3 yrs)

and Grace (1 yr 11 months - just days older than Noah)

Ever tried to get 5 girls and 1 boy together for a picture?

Let's just say it's not very easy.

The girly girls

We had an absolutely wonderful time visiting with the C. family. I was great to have Noah meet all his C. cousins even if they are all girls! It was lovely to see how all the girls are growing and getting to know all their adorable personalities, we miss them terribly and wish we were all closer. For me, the best was seeing how differently our little boy Noah plays compared to the sweet C. girls - it was be part of the male DNA!

Hope to see everyone one soon...if not sooner than the May Wedding! Congratulation Uncle Bryan and (future) Aunt Sarah on your engagement!


We got to spend a weekend at the lake with G'ma S's side - it was a lovely and HOT time.

Great Grandpa Ernie

G'pa S. doesn't like saying NO almost as much....

As Noah doesn't like hearing it!

Only 'cause we were camping did he get to double fist the donuts!

Odds n' Ends of Noah

Time for a hair cut???

Beach Bum

Just a little guy and his seaweed!