Thursday, September 30, 2010

They say knowing your Pharmacists name

improves your health by some crazy percent. A lot of people better start learning Mike's name! It's official - there was never doubt in my mind...we got confirmation yesterday, DH passed his test!

This is what we were greeted with when we dragged ourselves in at 10:30 last night after working on the house. We love popcorn and pharmacist!!

Just a cute sleeping baby.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Her Groove and...

how she's getting it back. We've been putting as much time as we can into our home. There are days we feel defeated and there are days we feel energized. We can't wait to call her home.

Paint...61 gallons so far. That's interior and exterior - purchased not yet all been used. She's getting a face lift or at the very least we can call it new make-up. Thankfully my dad is a skilled craftsmen. He's giving her some much needed updates and repairs. We are incredibly thankful for every minute he can focus our way. If all goes extremely well the exterior painter will we done this week and I'll have new pics - next week at the latest.

For the most part the floors are done! I hope to give the living and dining rooms a little TLC this week and then we can mark it done. It's been a long road - sanding, scraping, staining and sealing...that's a lot of 's'! We hit some road block and have accepted there are some battles we just aren't going to win. All in all we're thrilled.
It really is amazing what a shinny floor and fresh paint can do for your spirits!We're nearly done with the prior to moving in interior paint -there's going to be more after we move but not in the primary living spaces.
Dining Room - Flower Pot

Living Room - Laughing Eyes
(I think I picked this color because it make think of Noah)

DH spent the weekend tearing down the old dilapidated fence and putting up a lovely 6' fence. Thankfully dad with there to supervise and give much needed instructions. The dogs are going to love their new space and I'm so proud of DH and his manual labor skills.
I must give a shout out to G'ma S. - sadly she hurt her knee several weeks ago, so much so that she'll be having surgery soon. Thankfully for us she's been off work and really taking one for the team. Not only has Noah gotten some great G'ma time but she's also prepared nearly every meal for us and had it ready to take to the house to eat while we're working or had it ready for us when we rush home for a quick wardrobe change. I'm pretty sure we would still be on step one if it weren't for her.
Stay tuned for beautiful house pictures....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 teeth & 11 months

It's late...this is going to be short!

Noah's 11 months!

"No Grammy, I don't want to stand-up!"

"It's pretty cool when I do though"

So proud of himself.

Noah is always on the move.

There he goes...
We're looking forward to being in our one level house. Speaking of the house, we're near two weeks since we got the keys - hoping it's not another two before we're in. Floors are done, painting is in progress. Pictures when I'm not spending all my free time working on the house.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreams do come true!

We closed escrow today and I got the keys!! Sadly DH is in Santa Rosa prepping for his big test tomorrow and then will be heading to SLO to watch the Griz v 'Stangs game. He probably won't see his new house until Monday.

I got the keys before noon and by 4:30 we had a little gathering at the house. A cooler, some plastic cups and few friends. What else do you need to break in a house?

I've been dreaming about what I would find under the carpet in the bedrooms...or better yet unable to sleep with all the amazing visions going through my mind. The living and dining rooms are hardwood, the kitchen and hall are tiled and the utility and bathrooms are linoleum.

It was like Christmas morning. I'll admit I got a little teary. Look what I found!!! They are beautiful!! They need a little work but they are in great shape. I can't wait to get the carpet completely out and get working on the floors!

My project list keeps getting longer and longer. Who know when we'll actually move in.

Who's wants to come visit?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

House - Noah - Project

We've been busy! We should be getting the keys to our new old house tomorrow!!

I think I'm going to call her Gert, as in Gertrude. Fitting isn't it?
Remember her how she is now...

The boyHouse Project #1 = A hutch

I found this hunk of Oak at a thrift store. The price was right! I removed the back, the sliding doors and the delightful black detail. It's still a work in progress.

Nearly complete. Just missing the bead board back. I'm thrilled with it. I'm sure there will be more pictures as the move-in process progresses.

Just another Noah video.