Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Weeks

What's new you ask?

Noah loves a good tummy rub! He's doing a pretty good job of sitting up supported.

Finally got a good grin on film!

Just some shots from this morning

Friday, December 25, 2009


To have a very Merry Christmas! We are!!

Noah was very focused on all the packages that were being opened. DH and I discussed how unfortunate it is that little ones don't remember their first Christmas. It seems a lot of times some very special gifts are given for the "1st Christmas" - it would be nice if they remembered.

We are doing are best to document it for him. Some of my favorite shots!
Watching daddy open packages!
Sweet signed Colts ball...signed by who? I don't know.
BTW - supposedly this is DH's package opening jersey? Ever hear of such a thing?

Someone really thinks I needed some Ina Garten! Thanks Mom

Showing Noah his loot

Slide show of more

What's better than bowling? Bowling socks!

Have you noticed how the pile of toys behind me keeps growing?
The Wreckage!

Merry Christmas!!!

First Christmas Eve Mass

He was an angel the entire time. I think he loves the sounds, colors and smells.

Isn't he adorable?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Official MD reading

Thank goodness I don't take measurements for a living....

13.6 pounds
24 inches

Noah is perfect, as if we didn't know that already. The Dr. said he's perfectly proportionate! He's in the 85th percentile. He noted he's doing great with tracking with his eyes and smiling. He did great with his shots, fussed but got over it pretty quickly and hasn't seemed bothered since.

I'm actually slightly relieved he doesn't weigh as much as we thought...I was a little concerned about it - it seemed a bit much. The docs first comment was "I guess you're eating fine"

Just a little Holiday Cheer - Our Tree

Monday, December 21, 2009

2 Months

Once again it's hard to believe Noah is two months already and at the same time we can't believe he's only been here two months. Our days are so much brighter even during the dark Montana winter with Noah in them, it feels like he's always been here and part of our family.

23 inched (by my measure)
??? pounds - he has his 2 month appointment tomorrow, we'll have to wait and see
Smiles are coming more frequently each day
3 nights (not in a row) of sleeping through
6 ounces every 3 to 4 hours
Squeals of excitement are infrequent, spontaneous and thrilling
Definitely knows our voices and faces
Has great head control
Tries as hard as he can to get his fist in his mouth, is coming close - Will it turn into thumb sucking?

No matter what we tried he wouldn't smile for the camera but as soon as the camera was gone the smiles flowed freely for his dad.

Our two month photo shoot

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're finally home

It only took two days. I'll break it down for you. Sorry so long - sort of a vent

We flew out of Santa Rosa on Thursday morning - 10:50 AM. Arrived Seattle, no problem. Were supposed to take off from Seattle around 4:30, arrive in Missoula around 6:30. Flight got delayed until 5:23 PM, no big deal. Then our flight got cancelled due to weather - apparently freezing fog in Missoula!!!! I cried, I was so tired and felt so bad for Noah - he didn't seem to mind, he truly is a trooper. For those who have never been on a flight that has been cancelled due to weather, the airline provides no assistance...they can't control the weather. Fine, we knew that. We were booked and confirmed on a 10:15 AM flight into Missoula Friday, we were able to get our luggage and head to a hotel. No big deal, wish Noah's first hotel experience was a little more glamorous.

Hotel had a restaurant and a vending machine with bottle water for bottles. Fortunately when leaving my 'rents house I grabbed all the left over formula and diapers...could have been a total disaster.

Arrived at the airport, checked in, headed for the gate. All was on time and seemed weather would not be a problem - we were going to be in Missoula in time for lunch!

During boarding I was told to stand to the side...wasn't sure what was going on but shortly found out they over sold the flight (as they always do) and no one volunteered to stay for the $300 travel voucher. I asked why was I confirmed and checked in and then not given a seat? They call it "involuntary denial"!! I was instructed to head to customer service with one other gentleman who was also "involuntarily denied". For our troubles we were told they could either give us a $300 travel voucher or refund the value of our Seattle to Missoula leg which amounted only to something like $69.80!! They would re-book us on the next flight to Missoula which would have been tonight (Saturday) at 8-something PM which happened to be full with a stand by list already. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did I mention the guy next to us had just flown back from San Francisco where he had some sort of chest surgery?!?!? Our luck, a two month old and a dude recovering from chest surgery. Also, did I mention our bags were on the flight we were denied? That's right, so if we stayed we would have nothing!

I cried again, no bags, given the uncertain option of hoping there would be a seat to Missoula tonight. Obviously, I asked for another option. There just so happened to be ONE vacant seat on the flight to Great Falls leaving in minutes from the then current time but there was a was in an emergency exit row which I couldn't sit in because I had an infant. I was told I would have to go to he gate agent to see if I could get anyone to volunteer to switch with me! Seriously who wouldn't take a larger row seat? There were more than enough volunteers!!

Poor DH had to explain all this to his rotation proctor in hopes he would be able to leave early to come get us in Great Falls. He was able to leave early and made the 3+ hour drive to get us. Fortunately the weather and roads were great!

While waiting in Great Falls for DH the Missoula airport called to ask me to please come pick up my luggage! GRRRR!! I was told I could pick it up before 8 PM or would have to wait until after 11PM or Saturday. We make it to town at about 7 PM, went to the airport to find the Horizon counter closed!!!

I called this morning to confirm when their hours were, was told I could pick up between 11 AM & 2 PM...I got there at 1 - guess what? They were closed again!!! I waiting for 45 minutes before someone came and could get my bag!!! BTW, the TSA folks were completely RUDE to me!!!

While the Horizon gate agent was retrieving my bag a TSA guy came over with two huge carts of luggage to tell the gate agent they didn't make it on the last Horizon flight because the "door was closed"! It's a small airport, call someone, radio someone or for heavens sake walk upstairs to the agent and tell them there is still two carts of luggage that need to get on the flight! Last year DH and I were without our bags for 3 days after flying out of Missoula - now I know why!

Anyway, we're home and have our luggage. If I can help it I don't want to see another airport for some time. Through all this Noah was a trooper and I was repeatedly told what an angel he was being.

By the way (BTW) Noah slept through the night again!! Thank goodness he did, we were all so tired by the time we got home last night. He's so good!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

8 Weeks

Baby Noah (his cousins love calling him that) is 8 weeks old today! Time is a flying!!!

8 Weeks Stats
14.4 pounds (as of Saturday)
Has been in 4 states (we're counting airports)
HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! I can't believe it! He may have slept a few longer this morning if I hadn't gotten up to run and tell my mom, I was so excited. Since we're visiting the 'rents, we're sleeping in the same room therefore I didn't wake with that sinking feeling I hear new moms get when their baby sleeps through the night the first time.
Who cares about the rest of the stats?!?!?!?

His two month appt. is on the 22nd - we'll get "official" stats then.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the HAT

We found this adorable crocheted hat at a shop in town today...the 49ERs pulled it off tonight! Talk about a lucky charm!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain and more rain

We are loving this weather. Noah just loves relaxing on his back looking out the window.

G-House 2009

Walker is really more of the supervisor type...his auntie (me) is the manual labor.
Really, he was more enthusiastic than he looks

FOR SALE: $375,000
Cabin in the woods
Beautiful Northern California

We can never use all the parts...what would we eat?

Giggly Mason

Just for smiles

French 75

Is what we were drinking at Mom's Bunko Christmas party! Delicious!!
1 ounce gin
1/2 ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/4 ounces simple syrup
5 ounces brut champagne
Twist of lemon peel
Put in shaker and top with the champagne!
Noah was a charmer and really did a great job putting up with 13 women full of "Holiday Cheer" Amazingly we were well enough this morning to go visit Santa with cousins Mason & Walker!

First Santa's Experience
Grandpa & Mason relaxing

Noah meeting Meadow

The Party Girls

Pretty Table

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7 weeks

Noah celebrated his 7th week birthday by meeting his Great Grandfather Papa and Great Uncle Bruce. He also spent some QT with his cousins.

7 week stats:
Nearly 14 lbs
Eating 6 oz every 4 hours (or so)
Sleeping at night in roughly 4-6 hour spans
Hands are coming together regularly
Smiled 5 times this morning at Grandma (she says it's because she's special)
Follows voices
Has fairly good head/neck control

Hangin' with cous' Mason
Tummy time together

3 Flights, 4 States...

We made it, with all our luggage. Noah did great and was a charmer for all those he encountered. We landed a few early, hit Macy's and headed home.

Noah got to meet his Uncle Trav, Auntie Nance and cousins Walker and Mason.

Walker doing the official inspection - Yes, he does have 1o toes

Uncle Trav chatting about the merits of being a 49ers fan

Mason and Auntie just looking
He is real! Everyone is so excited to have Noah

Monday, December 7, 2009

California or bust!

It's -22 with windchill here! 40 in Fort Bragg! See you tomorrow FB!

More Pictures

Are you looking at me?
What ya talkin' 'bout?
Grandma C

Packages, package, packages

Grandpa and Grandma so thoughtfully opened their gifts while here so we don't have to ship.

Griz Gear of his own
So handsome

Warm and cozy!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa C are here - WOOHOO!

My camera went dead - boohoo!
I got it charged and we're good to go.
Snoozing and sucking during tummy time
Tree decorating - Sir (Grandpa C) directing

Grandma telling stories of throwing away dead peoples ornaments!?!?!
Typical supervisor!
Daddy/DH doing his part
We're having a lovely visit, Noah is enjoying his time with Grandpa & Grandma. Our weather is cold, cold, cold! Today Mother Nature has decided to toss a little wind into the mix - can we say brrrrr?