Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just cute boys having breakfast

Fun Treasures!

Our little attic improvement project has turned into what I'm considering a full fledged remodel! Not really what I had in mind and it's making me a little nervous - now there's talk of putting a bathroom up there! Yikes!

The process has uncovered a few fun treasures and an eyebrow raise or two.

A vintage 4lb can (empty) of...

This was actually used as a shim in the old framing!

Seriously our house was made level by a book - or at least,

attempted to be made level....if you've been there

you know what I mean.

The bottom actually says - Liquor Bottle!
Progress??? It's actually further along today.
I need to get some updated pictures.

Big Trees

For whatever reason, it seems we enjoy the company of some of the worlds largest trees on some of the worlds wettest days - remember this?

DH and I snuck away for a little trek to view the worlds

3rd largest tree - we're not sure which one it is but it was there :)

Montgomery Woods

Anyone want to come visit and go?

Sure glad DH's rain coat is red
My rain suit - best $20 I've spent - THANK YOU Costco!Will they ever grow out of it?

The colors were so vibrant, it really is a beautiful place

Well, you've seen most of it now - no need to go I guess but you should anyway!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Helmet Man

Lately, this is what we've been seeing.

Don't judge - it was laundry day...not normally this messy.

Hope he grows out of it soon

A little Noah update while I'm at it. He still remains the most hilarious thing I have ever loved. He knows it too. We're in trouble that's for sure!

*Noah is now putting together 4+ word sentences and we can understand most of them - DH better than me.

*Noah can peel and eat an orange solo.

*Some of my favorite phrase:

Happy Cake - for birthday cake or any desert that is served, pies, cobbler, whet ever. I will always call cake Happy Cake from now on - it is just the cutest thing ever even though most of the time he doesn't eat it.

*ZapZap - Pizza...not sure how that one came to be

*Appy Burway - Happy Birthday, Noah now says this anytime we pull up to a family dinner - it's always a celebration!!

Noah is improving his jumping, throwing, drawing, reading and dancing skills daily!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

West Coast Weather

Our desired trail for todays run/ride didn't turn out as we hoped however mother nature didn't disappoint. We've had nearly 4 inches of rain in 48 hours...

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hadn't done it before...

but will absolutely do it again!!!

DH I set off for a lovely afternoon at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company complete with tasting, tour and Folf A.K.A. - disc golf or frisbee golf.

Let's just say a lovely afternoon turned into a blast of an all nighter - thank you G'ma & G'pa S. for caring for the babe and fur babes.

We started out serious
And doing well

Halftime show

A cross between a bear & deer - BEER!

Getting a little loosened up

The beautiful backdrop

Good moon rising

One of our many good shot -

We spent a lot of time in the trees and I don't mean

on the ground - literally climbing trees and shaking branches

Booneville is a fun little place to kill a night. I'm sure we'll back.

And yes, I know you want pictures of Noah and not us. I'll get working on that.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful for sunshine

We're sure glad we've passed that winter solstice and even more pleased with the amazing weather we're having.

A quick visit to the park AFTER work!

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A Beautiful Walk

Mother and I went for a lovely noontime walk today...

Enjoying the fruit of the Christmas Tree

Noah and DH discussing all the places to go

A little camping nap after all the tunnel climbing

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year!

My favorite sentiment that was shared with me:

"May the best of your 2011

be the worst of your 2012"

Don't you just love that?

Our new year celebration wasn't of the traditional sort...

We've been discussing for months getting a new vehicle for DH

as my dad so eloquently put it yesterday

It was time to get get rid of the "college kid" car -

(that gave me a little chuckle)

I finally made the executive decision to make it happen.

I also made the decision to make it happen for me too!!


But if you ask Noah - "MINE" "ME DRIVE" "MY TURN"