Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Any solutions??

We have a nail biter. A serious problem, it's been going on for months.The reviews I've read on the topical treatment suggest not using with kids who are still using their fingerst to eat - Noah to a T., as it makes them not want to eat the foods anylonger. Noah's appetite is one of his most charming features. 
He's rather proud of is bandaids.

If these don't make you smile,

You may need to get checked out :) - Our week at Almanor. Happy viewing!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Boys for trip to the Dentist

We figured it was time to get him started.
According to Dr. Bob he did exactly what he was supposed to -
Open his mouth!

 Zero cavities!
 Great teeth!
 Naturally the first thing he noticed with the tray of TOOLS!
Is Dr.Bob giving him the finger?!?!

I'm gettting a little braver

I'm getting conflicting information about posting...I may at some point have to delete pics and plead for forgiveness. I hope not :).

Isaac and I play this really fun game call "Battle of the Booger"it goes like this:

Little buddy wakes up with buggers
I suck with the bulb
He sucks with his nose
I suck with the bulb
He sucks with his nose
I get them almost out and hes sucks right back in! It takes about five attempts before I win!

He's growing so fast! He's getting great control of his head and body and even his hands - he can fumbley grab his target!

Urban Wildlife

Just fun to see in our hood. Our worthless dogs did NOTHING!!