Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A most fabulous day of dads

We held the 1st Annual Father's Day Olympics!
(this is going to be a mondo post)

Meet the contestants: *Jack*Mike*Trav*Leo*Bruce*

(click on the collage's to enlarge)
There were rules, an event schedule, a scoreboard and PRIZES! It was official!

First Event - Marksmanship
Each contestant got three shots from a pellet gun. Closest to the bull won.
1st - Mike, 2nd - Jack, 3rd - Leo

Second Event - Archery

3 shots, closest to bull won.

1st - Trav, 2nd - Leo, 3rd - Mike

Third Event - Bocce

1 toss, closest to peninsula (that's what Walker calls it) won.

1st - Jack, 2nd - Trav, 3rd - Mike

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Fourth Event - Free Throw

5 shots, most out of 5 won.

1st - Mike, 2nd - Trav, 3rd - Leo, Jack and Bruce!

The rule states for a tie full points go to all. Who knew there would be a three way tie for 3rd for scoring ZERO baskets!!! It got Uncle Bruce on the board.

Fifth and final Event - Sprint & Chug

25 yard dash, beer chug, first finished won.

1st - Trav, 2nd - Mike, 3rd - Jack
By far the most amusing to watch.

There was a tie for overall champ between Mike & Trav. A three point basketball event was held to determine the winner. Mike won!! Prizes were awarded, the champ picked first and so on.

The supporters.

We thought it would be fun if each family dressed similar in support of the competing dad.
Mike = Team Dew-rag
Trav = Team Red
Leo = Team Swithenbank Construction
Jack = Team Black & White
Bruce = Team...didn't get the memo
These are just a few of my favorites shots of the day...there are a lot more but I think this post is long enough!!

Papa demonstrating how he sights in a bow.
Walker and Mase John Deere-ing around the yard.
Team Dew-Rag!!

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Monday, June 21, 2010


We can't believe how fast time is passing. At the same time we can't believe how much will change in the next four months. Our little guy will be 1 year in just four month!! WOW!

As you can see little guy has 4 teeth.
He's got a couple little sprouts -
my guess is he'll have another one or two in the next month.

I just had to put this shot in 'cause I managed to capture the picture with his mouth full of
spit-up and then catch it in my hand before any damage was done.
Now, that's cat-like-reflexes if I do say so myself!

Noah is all giggles and smiles!
My approximate dimensions:

21.5 pounds

29.5 inches long

Still not a ton of hair - still not sure what color it will be...

Noah loves to be left to himself (closely supervised of course). He can roll faster than a bowling ball. Noah gets where he's going by rolling and that's it (for now). If he misses his target he rolls to his back and then pushes with his feet to scoot to his target, he fairly accurate with this method. It's very amusing and explains why he's still missing some hair on the back of his head.

He's just started pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking. It shouldn't be long until he's off and crawling. With support he can hold himself on objects or our hands for several minutes. Walking isn't far behind.

Noah loves, love, loves spending time with his cousins!
And chewing on EVERYTHING!
I really think they love spending time with him too!

Noah is doing great in his new school. Karen his teacher is just the sweetest!

You may be asking why Noah doesn't have on one of his numbered onsies on. Well, all I can say to that is, I'm not as good of a planner and organizer as I had thought. I'm not sure where the numbers are. I thought I left them out (not packed in the garage) however, I can't find them. Why not go buy more? I live in Fort Bragg!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sorry I've been so bad about posting...few posts means more pictures less frequently.

Walker graduated Preschool!! Off to kindergarten! If we did our math correctly, Walker will graduate HS in 2023!

Noah enjoying the festivities.

Walker wants to be a Logger when he grows up.
There's a logging company in town who has a 49er truck...
The graduate!
The proud family.
Walker showing Uncle Mike his diploma.

Doesn't he look proud?!?!
We had a little celebratory lunch in the harbor. The bad parents we are, we forgot sunscreen and a hat. Fortunately G'pa S. had a dew-rag.
Walker Joe Joe.

For those followers who haven't been to FB, this is the Noyo Bridge - it must be crossed to enter downtown Fort Bragg. It was a beautiful day, I'm a little bummed you can't see the ocean in this shot.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The week in pics

New turf - new team
We watched the Red Legs (dh's team) and Giants (everyone else's team) battle it out.

Just a funny face. He's totally a Giants fan and future MVP!

We took Noah to a kite festival.

I thought the colors and movements and sounds would be fun for him.

It really just made me want to fly a kite which I tried once we got home.

The 'rents house is surrounded by to many trees, not enough consistent wind.

It was fun anyway.

Just a beautiful day for a festival

Relaxing and watching

The boy would not keep his hat on so he got soaked in sunscreen!

The sunscreen style.

Life as we know it

It feels like time is flying by but it's only been a few weeks. We're just shy of a month since we left Montana however it feels like we've been here months!

My first week of work was a little crazy. Not bad crazy but just crazy. I guess since I've worked for the company before and have other experience they don't feel the need to train me. Should I take that as a compliment? I've been winging it and seem to be doing okay so far. Yikes.

Noah is doing great at his new school. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for his first but this is a suitable second. He's going 4 days a week, G'ma S. and Aunt Nancy are sharing a day. I think he's loving it!

Dh's first day, week was not so exciting. His first day he was just there a few hours and got to read aloud with other new hires from the manual/employee handbook. He got to work from home for a couple days then spent a couple in San Francisco and at a Graduate Intern workshop complete with a bay cruise. He will actually get some in-store time starting Tuesday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Carnival by the Sea

We got the opportunity to go to the carnival with G'ma S. and cousins Walker and Mason!

Gotta love small town carnivals...

Mason getting ready to ride.
G'ma and Mason
This is actually hilarious. We told Mase since he was in the engine he needed to drive the train. He took it very seriously. He found a button...kept it depressed while going around and around. So cute!

Walker in the caboose

Driving around and around.

I love this picture!! Walker, G'ma S. and Mase


G'ma S. stealing a snack.

Walker was insistent he wanted to play to win a goldfish,
with a little protesting G'ma finally gave in.

Miraculously, it took Walker only a few tosses to...

You should have seen G'mas face - shock and terror!

Maybe 'cause it was the last day of the carnival or maybe 'cause Walker is so cute...he got 2!
Swimmy and...can't remember the others name.

The fish were later set free in Lake Mackerricher.
We're certain they're growing bigger everyday.

The Carnival Goers.
I'm thankful we have a few years before Noah is itching to ride the rides.