Monday, July 30, 2012

Isaac's first tour

Of wine country. Noah did it with our dearest friend
Hillary from Montana...
 (isn't G'ma S. sassy?!?!)
 Isaac got to do it with Noah's dearest birth grandparents
from Montana!!

 It was a beautiful day for tasting, touring and eating!

 Silly Ladies

 And handsome boys!

A Busy random 2nd half of July

Including some firsts, visitors, work and play!

Breakfast with the boys

Family dinner with an almost deck!

Deck fun time

Our lone K9 - Daisy went to a new home
We're a little sad but hopeful she's in a better place
We figure our family out grew her
We're all a little less stressed.

The never ending deck project...

A couple sweet boys
 A couple more!
 And still more!!

 One lovely Auntie!!

Isaacs first taste of cereal...

 Not a fan but the other boys loved watching
 A flash back for Noah - NOT better the second time around

Isaac warming to it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aunts, Uncles ,Cousins, greats & seconds

We had a lovely 4th visit with family!
 Another baby - this is cousin Sebastian

 Noah on the go!!
 Matching packs!

 Lots of love!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Offical MD readings - Isaac 4 months

14 lbs 1 oz.
25.5 inches long

Doing awesome!!! He did great with his shots. Yipee

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Isaac - 4 months

Is he not just the cutest?!?!
I know, I know, typical mother talking!

Isaac is a chatter, I'm pretty sure we will never have a moments silence in our house between the two of them for the next 18 years!
Isaac has become a chow hound - nearly 6 oz every 3ish hours
Isaac is doing great with his sitting-up skills (with exersaucer/bumbo help)
Isaac has great head control - constantly scanning for Noah moments
Isaac has no teeth but I don't think the two front bottoms are far away...the drool and indents are good signs.
Isaac for the most part is sleeping through the night
Isaac was meant to be a C. without a doubt!
We have our 4 month appt. tomorrow so stay tuned for official MD stats.

Our latest....

project. Our backyard!! As you'll see from the MANY picture below it was a space me never used. Thanks to a little hard work and a lot of help from G'pa S. we're on our way to an amazing space to use for years to come. We're on about phase 12 of the project...

This is how it started
 Pad prep

 Our cheering section

 Noah always being the biggest help!



 It's alway good to have a freshing snack after a long day of work

 He builds and cooks!! What a catch!

 So does this one! We're surrounded by great catches!!
 Enjoying our new outside space
 I had to throw this picture in...these our our new chairs
off the "bar". I love this little party pad!!
We've still got a few more phases to go but G'ma and G'pa decided to take off for a few weeks - how dare they?!?!? So far we've dug, concreted (I'm sure that's a word), leveled, transplanted plants, painted, plumbed, built and BBQ'd! When complete I'll post the final reveal.