Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Pre day preparations

We are looking forward to the day little guy gets to put his creative touch on the jack-o-lanterns.
For now it's just DH and me.

We did realize a toddler with a mallet and pumpkins

was not the best idea....

I just love our little porch...

The trial costume run went better than I expected

The door knocking not as well...

It's a MONKEY with a boy head - the fella doesn't like the hood

We're hoping the cousins will influence him otherwise.

What the measure??

Another work day...

He's now called Pig Pen

(I love this picture!!)

And we let him eat that apple covered with dirt!


We just so happen to have a HUGE gravel pile in our driveway at the moment.

What has the WORLD come to?!?!

I did not purchase them...nor did I retrieve them for him to wear!

Luckily he's pretty darn cute no matter what's on his feet!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terrible? No way!!!


We celebrated Noah's 2nd birthday with family
& daycare friends.
It was fun for me to watch the little guy register and
wonder why his daycare family was at his house.
It was a great time!!

We started with crafts...

followed by dinner....

followed by cake...

Never you mind the candle - I forgot where I put the store bought pretty #2 candle

I made due with what I could find :)

Thanks for the help big Cuz Walker!

With all the excitement we decided it would a little bit of an overload

to open gift amidst the birthday chaos

We spent Saturday opening and enjoying each gift/card individually.

Thank you to everyone!

Noah has definitely gotten the hang of opening presents!

2 year old update/milestones

The bad mother in me has forgotten already what his weight and height is - I lost the information when the doc said he's perfect!

Words - Noah has started putting together phrases. He does his darnedest to say just about any word we throw his way. I haven't heard anything outrageous come from his mouth but his emphases on certain words is fairly amusing.

Food - The kids eats just about anything...loves noonoos (noodles) and salsa!

Activities - Noah is learning to jump, I didn't realize it was a learned skill...he crouches down as if he's going to jump a mile...sadly one foot is usually left on the ground. I'm sure he'll be sailing out of trees and off the roof in no time.

Favorite Things - Tools...hammers, tape measures, cooking tools, anything that you use to do something with! The day usually doesn't start without a tool in hand.

Slippers - the kids loves slippers, more than once he has gone to bed with them on.

I'm know there's a million things to share and I as I remember them I'll post.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Mans job is never done!

I just can't believe the enormity of this fern! We thought we'd (DH) should dig it up and transplant in preparation of our future/new deck and to enhance out "fern" garden area.

OMG!! It was HUGE - it took both of us to lift it up and get back in the ground!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Better late...

Fathers Day '11

A lovely brunch up North in Westport!

The Fam!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A quick trip....

to Missoula.
Mom and I needed to get out of town and what better place than Missoula? Sadly my camera didn't come out until the final hours really but I had to document the trip...

I missed it more than I thought I would :(