Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

To all my loyal followers, I hope you all have a very lovely Thanksgiving and embrace all those things in your life to be thankful for. DH and I will be sharing the day with the gracious Disney family. I believe this will be our 4th Thanksgiving with them. My 'rents will be spending Thanksgiving with my Papa feasting on LAMB - yum yum! I'm certain in addition to turkey the first Thanksgiving attendants also enjoyed lamb. Tav and his family will be in Sacramento, I spoke with Walker this week and he is incredibly excited to be visiting his cousins, grandparents and aunt and uncle. I am thankful they will be spending Thanksgiving with Nancy's family because that means we get them for Christmas! I will be home in 22 days!

We woke today to a ground covering of graupel, it freaked me out for a bit because from my second floor bedroom window all I saw was white and I hadn't planned on riding the bus...after further inspection it was just a light dusting and after only a little freak out and whimpering I got behind the wheel and made it safely to work.

In planning for our trip home for Christmas, I was informed by my mother last night that I would be in charge of Christmas desert. Naturally I though I would get to decide what we would be having. My mistake. I will be making Creme Brulee! HELP! I love Creme Brulee but have no idea how to make it. Anyone have any good recipes/tips?

Friday, November 21, 2008


I hoped we picked right!!! Just kidding, I know we did. I'm getting word our references have received their paperwork from CSSM on our behalf. Yippee! It's my understanding what's asked and answered must be held in strict confidence and not divulged to us. Being me, it's killing me to think I won't have a copy for my file. I guess this is one of the joys of this process - I can't control it, I'm along for the ride.
It's the big Cat/Grizz game here this weekend, rival Montana Universities will duke it out for something like the 108th time. DH and I will lay low and avoid from the crowds.
Weather is pleasant for this time of year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forward Progress

Wish us luck. We have our medical exams today for our adoption. I have the forms out and ready to go for when the time rolls around this afternoon. I'm very excited to be actually doing something for the process rather than waiting and reading. In addition to examining us medically, from what I've read, our physician will be asked if he feels we are mentally fit to adopt as well. Smile and be nice, right?
Father Perry called again yesterday, returning my call. I had to remind him he had already returned my call and we have our meeting set up for the 3rd @ 1 P.M. Apparently he has received some paperwork from CSSM on our behalf. I can only take that to mean they didn't tear up our application at first sight. A good sign!
Things are really starting to feel real. Our application is in and we're moving forward. It's a great feeling!!!! I've never had one but I image one with a positive pregnancy test would feel similar to what I'm feeling today. My 'gestational' period will be more like 16-18 months instead of 9 and in my heart and mind instead of the womb. Very similar though. Hehehe. WOW!
And it's TURKEY day! I'll be with my family in 30 days! Sheesh, things are good.
DH has his school picture today, he wishes he had a flannel shirt to go with his mountain man beard. His mentor graduated from U of M and his class picture that is forever hung in the school halls is him with a beard and flannel. DH wanted to be just like him even though his classmates were all planning on wearing sweater vests. Do they ever grow-up?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!

DH is 30 today! OMG we are growing up. I think I was born without the skill of patients when it comes to gifts. I had to give him his gifts from me on Friday night since it was his birthday weekend and all. After gifts we went to our first Missoula Maulers game and had an amazing time. The Maulers won 4-2. It was freezing but we had beer and friends.

I had a lovely time on my hike Saturday morning followed by a Griz game. It was beautiful day just a tad cold.

DH and I continued to celebrate his Birthday last night with dinner, cake and gifts from the rest of the family.
It's Monday...what else can I say?

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am feeling energized today! Could it be because it's FRIDAY? Probably. I think the weekend in conjunction with a fabulous yoga class last night and brisk afternoon walk today has broken me free from the physical funk I've been wallowing in.

My weekend is packed so even if I am feeling lazy I don't have the luxury to be so. Will be going to my first Montana hockey game tonight...not sure about that. My second Griz football game tomorrow with some fabulous ladies after a hike with some other fabulous ladies. Sunday will be filled with the usual Sunday activies, church, laundry, house cleaning blah blah blah.

Have I mentioned I love my nephews. These are some older pictures but some of my favorites.

Walker and Me - September 07

Mason - June 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half Dead

Is how I feel. How does the song go? Beat down, dog tired, half dead....
I've been forcing myself not to nap during the early evening hours in hopes of getting a full night of regenerating sleep. I'm getting the sleep but not the feeling of being regenerated.
Our weather is still cool and damp, it's dark by 5PM and dark when I get on the bus in the morning. I'm blaming my mood on the weather and lack of sun. My poor dogs aren't getting any fun time. Neither is my DH, I'm dragging ass in the mornings and half dead by the time he gets home after work. I promised him by Monday the 17th (his birthday) I'll be back to my old self.
I think I'm going to take some time to look at my trip pictures to lift my spirits.
35 days until my next two weeks off - Cali here I come!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Italy, Greece, Turkey by way of SF and Germany

I know you've all been dieing for me to brag about the most amazing vacation ever! Here's the time line:
Oct. 22nd - Flew to San Francisco to meet up with Mom
Oct. 23rd - Flew to Franfurt Germany then onto Rome
Oct. 24th - Landed in Rome then shuttled to the Galaxy
Oct. 25th - Port of Messina, Sicily - Italy - toured Taormina
Oct. 26th - Athens, Greece
Oct. 27th - At sea
Oct. 28th - Mykonos, Greece
Oct. 29th - Kusadasi, Turkey
Oct. 30th - Rhodes, Greece
Oct. 31st - Santorini, Greece
Nov. 1st - At Sea
Nov. 2nd - Naples, Italy
Nov. 3rd - Rome, Italy
Nov. 4th - Flew from Rome to Munich Germany then to SF
Nov. 5th - Flew from SF to Missoula
The most amazing site historically for me was Ephesus Turkey. The most relaxing/fun was Mykonos Greece. The most picturesque was the village of Ia on Santorini, Greece - the tour guide of the day was also very picturesque- yum yum. The best meal was in Naples Italy.

I could write a book on the sights we saw and the things we experienced but I won't. Here is the link for the edited photo album (originally over 1,000 photos) If you're interesting in hearing more feel free to ask.

A totally cool church Mykonos Greece


Our application was mailed on the 17th! Our check was cashed on the 21st. We've heard nothing back yet. We have our appointments with the doc for our physicals on the 19th and Father Perry on the 3rd. I spoke with Fr. Perry Monday, he works closely with the CSSM Social Worker (SW) and has been involved in this process many times. I'm looking forward to the face time we'll have with him and hopefully will get some questions answered.
I've started reading Adoption for Dummies which I'm finding very helpful. The boards I've read all say the same thing - hurry up and wait. The waiting is the hardest part. Fortunately the holidays coming up and will keep us occupied.
More to come.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The beginning

This is the beginning of my cyber life I guess you could say. Not sure why I'm compelled to create a blog, my guess is because everyone is doing it and heaven forbid I not be part of it. Things will be a little shaky at first as I figure out this whole fan dangled thing. I assure you my technical skills will improve with time. Those of you that have any interest in reading this probably already know me but I'll give you the abridge status of my life as of today.

Missoula Montana is a cold, wet, muddy place right now. The only upside of the forthcoming depths of winter is the freezing ground which will eliminate the mud issue. Mike (DH) is nearing the end of his first semester of his 3rd year in the Pharmacy program and 4th year at the University of Montana. Only another year and a half to go. I'm working and well. We're living comfortably for us in our simple townhome with our two dogs Josie & Daisy. We've been married for 2.5 years and are working on expanding our family by way of adoption with hopes to provide a loving family and home for a child that would otherwise not have one.

My family is doing well. Mom and Dad are the best and seem to be living life as I think we all hope to someday. Trav, Nanc, Walker and Mase are the apple of the family eye. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Everyone is supporting Papa. Our family took a tremendous hit with the loss of our Nana on June 14, 2008. She is deeply missed, forever cherished and loved and never forgotten.

The in-law side of the family is joyfully expanding. DH brother David's family is expanding with their 3rd daughter which I have been asked and honorably accepted to be her Godmother. Ellen and Cecelia are going to be great big sisters. I am waiting for word from Vicki and Kevin on the expansion of their family, I know Emma wants so be a big sister. I guess time will tell.

Did I mention I just got back from the most amazing two week vacation with my mother? I'll leave those details for another post.

Future posts will probably be mindless chatter about the life and times of me as I travel this road which has yet to be defined. I welcome you to stay tune, tune or out or comment. May each day bring you something worth living for.

I'm so COOL!

I have a blog! Woohoo!!!