Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A goodbye visit

to a beloved Aunt also meant
We got to spend some much needed time with cousins
Emma & Grace
which also meant Aunt Victoria & Uncle Kevin
and G'pa & G'ma C!!!!
in Indiana

Cutie was a cold windy day at the park 

Stylish Emma!!

G'ma C loving on Mr. I
Special playtime with G'pa C.

Don't you just want to reach through and kiss
this face?!?!?!? So sweet!!!
Our attempt at a group picture...
thank you Noah as usual

Great Aunt Mary & I
Uncle Kevin is a hit!
The chaos that ensued
Another blustery day at another lovely Indy park
G'pa even got into it

First swing with I

Thank you for everything G'pa & G'ma C.
We love and miss you!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!!!

We can't believe our 'baby" is 3. We can't believe how much our "baby" has changed our lives!
We thought we laughed a lot before - 
We thought we got tired before-
We thought we bought a lot of groceries before - 
We thought we did a lot of laundry before- 
We wouldn't change it for anything!!! 

We decided it would be a hoot to celebrate in costume!!
 So cute!!!

 Batman even came!! 
 We have have the coolest family!!! 
 The pictures pretty much speak for themselves

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you!