Thursday, January 28, 2010


We had what I think was our final meeting with our Realtor yesterday. We got the approval...even a "that-a-girl" on my efforts to get the house show ready! Pictures are done, she'll be back Monday to put the sign in the (hopefully NOT frozen) ground. Her office will do their agent walk-through on Tuesday.

I would say we are un-officially on the market and will be official on Monday. I will post the link to our listing when we have it. Keep your fingers crossed for us that is will not only sell but that we won't get hosed...we need a GREAT offer!!

I see mimosas, a spa day and maybe even a new pair of shoes or handbag in my future as reward for my efforts. Maybe Noah needs something new too!

Monday, January 25, 2010


We decided it was time. We know the box says 4 months however we feel Noah is a very advanced 3 month + 4 day little boy.

He looks a little worried doesn't he?

He did seem to enjoy his new friends. Just a cute video of Noah being Noah

Sunday, January 24, 2010



With this sweet fan behind the Colts, how can they lose?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Months

Here it is! I can't believe one quarter of Noah's first year of his life is over!

The first shots are always the funniest - "What's that flash?"
Noah loves to put his hand in his mouth. In fact, as I'm typing this the sucking noise can probably be heard by the neighbors.
Noah is sleeping 9 hours a night
Noah is eating 35 oz a day
Noah is very smiley and "giggly", they sound like huh huh huh

Noah's teacher says he is very alert, loves to talk with and look at the other children.
He likes his paci but doesn't seem to be dependent on it - he has his hands.
He loves his bouncy chair, I really think he looks forward to seeing his woodland friends each morning.
He tracks us like a hawk, if I'm holding him and daddy leaves the room, Noah knows and is looking all around for him.
I don't think he's figured out the dogs yet.
His hair color sometimes looks reddish, sometime light brown & sometime dark brown.
If I were to guess his weight I would say 15.5 lbs.
We've filled his drawers with his stash of 6 & 9 months clothes, some are big but not that big!

Missoula = Buyers Market

Yes, I know it's Noah 3 month day but I'm at work (don't tell) and I have no pictures or stats at the moment...stay tuned - hope to have something tonight or maybe tomorrow.

I had the paperwork meeting with our realtor yesterday. Only a few tears were shed - it's not good. It's actually devastating. Fortunately we are not upside down, unfortunately our hopes for buying a home right away in California have gone out the window. The grand plan was to buy, get our equity back, even make a profit and buy again. The lesson is, even with the best intentions...hell, I don't know!

We're staying optimistic that it will sell for better than our Realtors worse case scenario. If you're a buyer you will get a sweet deal on our house!!

Enough of that...

DH spoke with his future supervisor yesterday, he hopes to have DH working at the end of May. We thought that would be the case but weren't sure. Now we have a definite timeline and are moving forward.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Official!

I would say it's official, Noah is adorable however I think we all know that already!! He's quickly approaching 3 months and his 4 month appointment is on the calendar! I can't believe time is flying like it is.

Then what's official you ask? Most of you know this, but putting it in print makes it seem all that more "official". We're moving.

May 15th is just around the corner and DH will be graduating from the U of M Skaggs School of Pharmacy! He has accepted what can easily be called a dream job in good o'l Fort Bragg, CA.

Our lives have quickly become a whirlwind of activity, I've returned to work, Noah is a blast, we're prepping the house for the market, renting a storage unit, scheduling appointments for moving estimates, making any appointment we can get over with so we don't have to deal with things like teeth cleaning immediately after we move, shopping for a new house - found one we love but are working on the details of selling this one and just loving life. Phew!

We're sad to be leaving all those we've come to love in Montana but are excited for what the future holds in much warmer, sunnier, saltier Fort Bragg.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An oldie...but goodie

The hat that is. I know he's 12 weeks today and all but I wouldn't call him and oldie yet. He's apparently not a fan of being a 49ERS fan today!
Mr. Frowny Face as Mr. Walker the Talker calls him

But alas a happy face!

Noah is doing great at school and I'm doing great with him being at school. They **LOVE** him there and I love that they love him!! Dad on the other hand has miraculously gotten off work early the past two days and gone and picked him up...
I don't have stats for you since I seem to be so far off anyway. He's growing and reaching the appropriate milestones and seems absolutely happy. What more can we ask for?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Griz Fan?

Depends on who you ask. We'll have to see if he "grows" into one.

Today was a big day for Noah, a sad day for Mom. I'm not back to work yet...had a few appointments today so Noah went to school. I'm calling it school - it makes me feel better about having someone else, albeit a couple lovely someone else's, caring for him. He did great, sad at first but then just enjoyed observing the other children.
Tomorrow is my official back to work day. I spent a little time this afternoon collecting pictures for my desk, my colleagues make think I'm a little obnoxious with the amount and size of them. I don't care.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monkeying Around

Just some cute one's without the hat...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Many Hats of Noah

I thought it would be fun to do a series of "The Many Hats of Noah"

Since I've been so absent on my blog, you get two today!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slow blog activity

Sorry to all of you who look forward to frequent Noah pictures and sorry there isn't one in this post. Rest assured all is well, Noah is doing great.

My time home is quickly drawing to a close and the last thing I want to do is spend time away from Noah on the computer - I will be spending my entire day on one in a week (he's still snoozing so this will be a quick post).

Our weather has been fairly mild, we've made it up to the 40's a couple of times. I believe that will be changing in the next few days. Noah is smiling like a crazy man! He's also sleeping consistently through the night. He's finally really "awake" during the days and so much fun, it's sad now is the time when most mother return to work and the little one heads to day care.

DH starts a new rotation on Monday at he U of M.

That's pretty much life as we know it.