Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Official 4 Month Stats

26.4 inches long = 95%
16.3 pounds = 75%
17 inches head circumference = 75%
1 ear infection = a sad mom

Noah's appointment was great! He did great with his shots and as you can see from above is a very healthy little guy except for the ear infection. We don't think he knows he has an ear infection, he's shown no discomfort or symptoms except a little yellow snot yesterday. With any luck and a little medication it will be cleared-up within 10 days.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Legs & Giggles

These are two-part pictures.

First, notice the groovy bib I've sewn for the little guy. His drooling has finally forced me to make some much needed stylish bibs - reversible of flannel and cord. You will probably see most of them in the months to come. All the bibs have coordinating burp cloths too! Second, notice the adorable Baby Legs he's wearing. No, they aren't tights or pants or socks...they are full size baby leg legwarmers. Brilliant!! And so cute! Just a video of daddy and Noah time.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Sweet Bathtime

Got this tub as a gift - thanks Hill...tried it a few months ago, Noah wasn't quite ready for it.

The big boy 4 month-er seems to love it!

He's 4 months!!

We can hardly believe it! We're exited for the firsts the next couple months!!! Johnny Jump-up, brushing of the gums, maybe teeth - I'm sure there are a ton I'm missing

Happy Four Months
In the name of trying to spice things up, I've taken some new angles/shots.

Tummy Time
School says he's super close to rolling over. Needless to say, we've been practicing - like hell I'll let someone else be the first to see him rollover!

I won't be surprised if he starts crawling sooner than we'd like, while on his tummy he's already got the knees-up and down and scootching forward motion handled. I think he gets frustrated that his arms/hands aren't working with his legs.

Little feet

Noah enjoys just being on his back flailing his arms and legs...I imagine that's how he gets completely turned around in his crib.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day of LOVE

What I love today (and yesterday) is that Noah woke like a perfect angel at 6:30 AM, ate and then came and snuggled with us for a couple of hours. Normally after eating we get dressed and head to school. Weekend mornings are a special treat. The weekend sleeping-in makes up for a couple of the nights last week when he decided to be a hell raiser...
Also, DH drove to SB and got my a latte and coffee cake - YUM YUM! I did have to suggest that would be a great V-day treat but he executed it perfectly.

I think we may have a little exhibitionist on our hands - Check out these poses!
and this one...
I've been bad with my weekly Noah updates, I think I missed weeks 15 & 16 maybe even 14?
I have no idea how much he weighs or how long he is - I know he eats great, is healthy and seems to be growing like nothing else during this long Montana winter.
I believe his thighs illustrate his healthy eating habits
Noah is a drooler. I don't mean a little spit up, I mean a D-R-OO-L-ER!! I'm thinking of bottling it and marketing it as some sort of Youth Serum. No teeth that we can tell, just a very slobbery little guy.
The hilarious side effect of the drool is a gurgling dialog. Noah is a chatter, he will chat about just anything in his deep throaty gurgle. I'm charging batteries so I can get it on video - it's a hoot.

Noah is doing great with his neck strength, he works out on tummy time for practice. He loves his ExcerSaucer and now his Bumbo. We put him in his Bumbo last week, I think he noticed the dogs for the first time...he was able to look down at them and really watch them scurry around.
Noah is an observer, he will look from person to person to person just watching and sometimes gurgling.

Tummy time in his crib

Since he started sleeping through the night he only hasn't a handful of times. Most of them recently. We think he may be going through a growth spurt. The most recent times he's woken in the night, he's fed.
His eating schedule is also a little cooky at the moment, there are time when 8 oz doesn't seem like enough (that's a lot of fluid for a little guys tummy) and other times 4 oz seem enough.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The boys

Some of my favorites shots of the guys, men, boys (whatever you want to call them) of the family.

Uncle Bruce, Papa and Daddy
Cousins Conner, Walker, Chase, NOAH and Mason

Checking out the hands

Chase and Noah are 1 day apart...Papa hopes someday to have a great grandaughter

Just the sweetest 2 year old ever!!

The Birthday Boy

Can he be called a boy at 80?

It's just a game

We were a little sad to see the Colts lose but glad they did so to the Saints.

Not sure what kind of face this is

Brother & Sis-in-law hosted an amazing party

These are some of Noah's insta-friends he'll get when we move. All boys that are all boy! Who cares about a football game when there's mud holes?
Not sure my bro's TV is big enough...

We're home!!

I'm going to work backwards.
Surprise!!! Noah and I went to Cali this weekend, we got back just 20 minutes behind schedule instead of days. Noah as usual was a champ traveler and a charmer to all he encountered. Even sleeping, forward facing in the Bjorn, cheeks all a-smooshed earned squeals of delight from fellow travelers.
Daddy/DH was delight to see us and us delighted to see him upon our return. In our absence he did a great job keeping the house in "show" condition even though we have yet to get a showing...(sad face).
I'm feeling a little guilty, I need to get this off my chest to lighten the load. For my birthday last year DH got me a gift certificate for the spa, it was an extravagant gift by our standards but it was kind of a big birthday...the intention was to use it for a variety of services which included a massage, facial, mineral bath and pedicure. Alas, I have not taken the trip. With the three day weekend coming up I decided to finally make an appointment. When I scheduled my
appointment I took it upon my self to bump up the package...a longer massage, a more enhanced facial, etc. No because what he got me wasn't good enough but because I think I've earned it with all the time I put in on the house plus my body just needs it. While away this weekend DH called to spa to bump up my package for me as a Valentines Day surprise (so, obviously I need it). To his dismay he learned I had already done so, his hope of doing something nice just slaughtered. I feel so bad!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Noah

Being a little bashful


1 down, 101 to go

Today we started our new routine for having the house "show" ready every morning...that's every morning! It worked pretty well. The only difference from our usual routine is I followed the boys around cleaning up after them until they were out the door. I put most the finishing touches on the house last night. This is going to be an exhausting routine every morning, the first time we're lazy I'm sure someone will come by :)

Our weekend morning routine is usually pretty 'laxed - that will be coming to a sad end! Apparently this time of year most of the showings (if we get any at all) will be on the weekends. No one likes to look at houses after work when it's dark. Wish us luck!

I have been taking pics of Noah just haven't been on the computer much - sorry. He's as charming as ever! He's been sleeping great un-swaddled but he's taken to spinning around in his crib. Each morning we find him facing a different's a very amusing morning treat.