Monday, June 6, 2011

M-day with the D's

Picture diary of our Memorial Day weekend...

Noah pre-bath and post-mud bath


More canoeing - Grayson, Tara and DH

Noah & Olivia after our canoe departure

Liv chill'in in the water- literally

The canoe-ers on the return trip

Family photo opportunity!

The D's

The C's

Thanks for the visit D's - we love and miss you!!!

Another Day at the Beach

We were lucky enough to have our dear friends from Missoula by way of Eugene visit us for Memorial day weekend. This is the first of many posts that will show you our journey through their visit and G'ma S's birthday week.

We tried to take Noah canoeing for the first time...He pretty much screamed the entire time we were on the boat, he kept trying to climb out. He wasn't scared he just wanted to swim. Also, he REFUSED to wear his sun hat!

The only little boy on the beach in his winter hat!