Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner #5 Creamy Rice With Roasted Shrimp

Score 8
This meal was amazingly easy and so heavenly. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen - I must say I think Chef Ramsey would have been proud of my risotto! This is such a great meal because you could add anything to it to change it...scallops, bits of white fish, anything really. Cold leftovers were even richer in flavor.

Don't be surprised if you are over for dinner and I serve this dish.

Not sure what our plan is for next week. DH's schedule will changing, he'll be starting a new rotation at the Drug Information center at the U. He'll probably be working some nights so I just don't know...maybe you'll know what we're eating and maybe you wont.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctor Appointment

BM had her appointment today. It's all very confusing. Don't have any concrete information except everyone is healthy and doing great (except for the expected pregnancy discomfort). Due date is still the 17th and the doc still thinks he'll bless us with his presence sooner.

Dinner #4 Goat Cheese Omelet

Score 7.5

Surprisingly divine! The arugula salad with the homemade dijon vinaigrette-ish dressing was a perfect pairing with the goat cheese.

I have the sweetest DH. I came home yesterday to a delightful seasonal bouquet of flowers. Just because (so he says) and they go wonderfully with my fall decor. Knowing him he'll use the flower as an excuse to get more computer time to play this ridiculous new game he got - I hade video/computer games! I figure he can play all he wants in the coming will be short lived once our little guy arrives.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner #3 Chicken Posole

Score 3.25

So disappointing. Doesn't it look deelish? I've never cooked with Hominy - that wasn't the was almost to tomatoey (is that a word?) and you know how much I love tomatoes! We added tortilla chips and cheese which helped. Prep was so so so easy as was clean-up.
Word is Birth Mom is still having contractions. I haven't heard from her today but spoke with the SW this morning - thought she was going to call me this afternoon with an update but haven't heard. Maybe nothing to update?

I'm having the hardest time with little boy clothing. I found the cutest corduroy hat today - the type with the ear-flaps and the bill kind of snaps up on the front. Not sure of the style name sort of Fargo-ish minus the fur...anyway, it had a stupid patch on the front of it that said "Don't Feed the Bears". Really is that necessary? I looked to see if there was a way remove or cover it up but I don't think it was stitched on but glued or something else. Geesh!

Dinner #2 Steak With Potato-Parsnip Mash

Score 7.25

What can I say...I'm a beef lover. The mash was super tasty with the Parsnips! Probably the easies prep and clean-up of all the recipes so far.

Officially Autumn began yesterday. I managed to get all my outdoor plants, flowering pots and veggies pulled and pots put away. That's one task I didn't want to put off and have to deal with after it snowed. Most of them were well beyond their peak and were likely not going to produce any longer. My back yard and front porch look very deserted now.

Pumpkins next!! Already got my fall decor up around the house.

Dogs got a much needed scrubbing too. They are ready for their visit to the kennel. Could be soon! Birth Mother was having more intense contraction yesterday but further apart. She made another visit to the doc. Both she and Jr. were monitored and neither seem to be under any stress and are doing well...she will be doing 1/2 days at school now.

If the little guy doesn't make his grand appearance before Friday then she'll have her regularly scheduled appt. and we'll know more after an exam.

We are so ready. Can't think of a thing we need/can do to prepare ourselves more.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week #2 Dinner #1 Pork Chops With Garlicky Broccoli

Score 6.5
I'm not a huge pork fan...these recipes seem to have pork every week. If I were a pork lover the score may be more like a 7.5. Despite that ,we found this meal pretty solid. Nothing fancy but good. Easy to no prep and easy clean-up. The broccoli was my favorite part of the dinner.
The Colts played (and won) last night so I didn't get much PC time at home - DH was getting live updates and listening to the game on Sirius. I took pictures of my plate but don't have them to upload. You may just get them at a later time.
25 Days until October 17th
Once I got back to town on Saturday I immediately got my oil changed and new tires. My vehicle is ready for the road. Spent Sunday packing bags. I'm ready to go and so is Jr.'s stuff - I have no idea what he'll need if anything but at least I have some stuff ready to go. Car seats (bases) are in. I got some stuff ready for DH, this morning he getting more stuff together.
The call from BM & SW yesterday was a wake-up call for him - he needs to get his rear in gear! BM was having contraction on Sunday and Yesterday. She went to the Doc, all is well. Jr. is in position and ready. Could be soon, could be weeks. Either way we are ready!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dinner #4 Roasted Pork With Brussels Sprouts and Apricots

Score 5.5

Neither of us have really ever eaten Brussels Sprouts - they are almost like mini heads of cabbage. Not bad. Beats & Brussels Sprouts, two things I thought I would never eat and have done both this year.

Tonight we had a little guest - he seemed very interested in the goings on in the kitchen
I think the RS version looks bland!
With our little audience I felt a little like a professional chef! Paparazzi and all!

Best part about being the cook - not being the dish washer!

I'm certain it will be to your dismay but I will not be posting about our dinners until next week. Tomorrow I'm headed to Helena for the National Association of Insurance Women state meeting. DH will be on his own for dinner and I can almost guarantee it will be soup, cheese and crackers or maybe left overs.

30 Days!!!

I can't believe how quickly the past month has flown by. BM had her 30 days until appointment today. She called after - have I told you how much I love her giggly voice? It's infectious. Anyway, all is well. She'll have regular weekly appointments until he's here.

All seems to be as it should.

P.S. It was Josie's birthday yesterday so maybe the food dish thing was to make it look like a cake? I tell you, I have the most talented dogs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dinner #3 Spicy Orange-Glazed Drumsticks w/ Green Beans

Score 7.25

A solid meal. Almost comfort food like but with a little snap.


Not Mine

I think my presentation is getting better or maybe this meal was just easier to present. The lack of a white plate is killing mine!

My mother should be close to touching ground in Rome. When she's off traveling the world I never seem to need to charge my phone and this blog gets a lot fewer hits. I miss you mom!! Have fun!! Don't forget Jr. would love some Italian shoes.

Interesting antidote...

Josie the dog has gotten into the most interesting habit - if there are any dog whisperers out there I would love your input on this one. When we feed her (she and Daisy get fed in separate areas) she has started taking stuffing out of one of the beds and covering her entire food dish with it. Not just covering it but taking her muzzle and pushing it down to make sure all her food is out of site. All the while pushing her bowl to the corner. Then she proceeds to eat her food from under the stuffing. I probably sat and watched for a good 5 minutes - It was pretty amusing. Not once did Daisy encroach on her area in an attempt to steal her food. Any ideas? Is she just bored? Just crazy? Just wanting to spice up meal time?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinner #2 Beef & Bok Choy Stir-Fry

Score 6

I gave it a 7, DH a 5. He didn't think it was anything special - just average. I thought the fresh ginger made it more special than just average. Easy prep and clean-up too.

Mine looks not very appetizing compared but I thought it was just yummy

If you're interested here is the link:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Simple

Your Guide to a Month of Easy Dinners - DH and I are following the menu as laid out. The article provides the shopping list and the menu for 5 dinners a week for 4 weeks. Shop once, eat all week, no thinking, no planning, no worrying! That's my kind of week.

Dinner #1 - Tilapia With Peppers and Olives
Score - 7.5, in our scoring we taking into account taste and ease of preparation (and clean-up)

The prep

My presentation which is not nearly as nice....
As the Real Simple version. Maybe I need to get some white plates?

Plus it's difficult to find a nice fillet of any kind of fish in this dry state. I had to use more small pieces.

This joyous meal is out shadowed by the sadness I feel from the passing of the man who played Johnny in Dirty Dancing.

R.I.P. Patrick aka Johnny

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm watching you watch me

First - Thank you to those who do comment.

I added the handy dandy hits counter on the bottom of this page not to long ago. I know I'm getting A LOT of hits but no one is really letting me know who's reading. You know who you are....Mom! And others.

Feel free to leave a comment in fact they are encouraged - comments encourage me to keep posting.

You don't need an email address or an account.

If you post as anonymous will you at least please sign your name?

Please come out of lurking and be part of my blog.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Noah's Ark

I've just purchased what I consider to be my first really baby themed item. When I say themed, I'm talking Pooh, Disney etc. - I found the cutest little Noah's Ark mobile. I don't want to get theme driven but it was just so darn cute!

To those who have our hearts in mind and are concerned with the pain we will encounter should this match end with BM parenting: We have tried to remain guarded and protected but honestly it's not possible. We are not machines, we are people who are in love with a child that is not yet ours. If there is a family who has successfully gone through this process without falling in love...I pity them. This is an amazing journey and if we didn't let ourselves get swept ways we would be doing ourselves a disservice. I think just like any parent who is expecting, we won't let ourselves fully breath until our child it out and breathing and screaming and has truly arrived.

We don't feel the birth family would allow us to get this involved if they had doubt we weren't the family for this child. I don't think they would be open, honest and welcoming if they didn't feel in their hearts that they are giving the best gift to us but not losing him.

With adoption there is great joy and there is also great pain. Without both the journey would not be as special and it would not join together two (or more) families that want nothing but the best future, life and love for a child.

As I've said before...we are an open book. Please feel free to ask questions.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 lbs 3 oz

I think we were both a little nervous when we pulled away from home this morning. I feel I now have a little insight into what a young man feels like when he's going to meet his girlfriends father for the first time.

We knew in addition to meeting our birth mother, her mother and our social worker we were also going to meet the birth grandfather! It's so funny the picture I formed in my head...9 feet tall, stern...honestly what I think a young man pictures. It turns out we didn't get to have lunch with him too but did get to meet for a few minutes. I wish we would have been able to have lunch, in those short few minutes we learned he just the nicest man. He's driving tonight some 16+ hours for an appointment for one of their furbabies. We did get to have lunch with an aunt which was a delight.

Lunch was just a delight! I think we are so lucky to have a birth family that is so easy to get a long with and so funny! Time just flew by. Our birth mother seems (for being 7 1/2 months pregnant) upbeat and just...I don't know, just...amazing!

***side note
Linda the social workers dogs are named TJ & Maxx as in TJMaxx the store!! How great is that?
Back to our day...
After lunch we headed to the ultrasound. Neither DH or I have ever attended an ultrasound before. I will admit the tech was slightly scary, all dressed in black with bright red hair and bright red lipstick - looks can be deceiving. She was perfectly pleasant and efficient! The ultrasound lasted just over 7 minutes. We got to see everything, hear his heartbeat (which made me so emotional) and watch his diaphragm practicing so he can breath when he comes out.

Did you know that amniotic fluid is baby urine? I had no idea. He apparently is producing plenty of urine.

We know he's 5 pounds 3 ounces today and doing great. The 4D pictures are pretty cool.

Meet Jr.
I'm sure he'll just have a fit later in life when he learns I've posted this one
Due date is still set for October 17th.

SW & BM will be doing a presentation at school tomorrow about open adoption. I am so impressed with BM gusto and openness.

I will post the video later just because I think it is so cool!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A 3 day weekend and nothing

to show for it except a totally stocked freezer and a completely organized pantry. We are ready for some sort of emergency that renders all stores closed or the arrival of a BABY!

We're heading to Billings on Wednesday to attend an ultrasound and Dr. appointment with our BM and her family. We're going to be able to share lunch together prior. It will be a long day, over and back...10 hours on the road.

I'll update when I have some news.

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 AM

Is my new rise time and couldn't be loving it more! Rita from the 'hood and I have been enjoying brisk walks in the darkness of early morning. We get out when it's still crisp, get to see the stars, the moon and the poor folks who have to be at work before 6 AM at Direct TV. Our four legged furbabies are enjoying it too.
I feel so much more energized each day. Today I got two loads of laundry done and the kitchen cleaned before I had to leave for work. I'm pretty proud of myself and Rita too!
My hope is we'll be able to keep this up at least intermittently through winter.
Ya'll should try it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm a dork this I know

But I'm just so darn proud of my tomatoes!! I promise this is the last post about them. I had myself convinced it would snow before I really got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Just take a gander...aren't they beautiful? And tasty too!

To better help illustrate the dork I hold within...
I've been taking pictures around our house to remind me how pleasant it can be here. We've been having amazing weather and I'm trying to capture it to make it last longer. I know winter is just around the corner and will last just a little to long. Why can't we always have this blue sky, green grass and flowers?

If I lived in California I could at least have my wish for more of the year...