Monday, July 26, 2010

We're in escrow!

And it's going to be a long one! There are tenants currently occupying our future home which means we're going to have to wait 75 days to close - today was day 1.

This house is exactly 100 years old and we love that about it! 3 bedroom, 2 bath and plenty of room. This house has retained a lot of it's original charm while being updated. We've loved this house since last year and after looking at a dozen or more we knew it was the one we wanted. Close to downtown, close to schools, close to work and close to the beach.

The room to the left of the front door is a sun room. Some thirty years ago it was an artists studio. Not until last night did I know that the above portrait of my brother and me that has been hanging in my grandparents house for the past 30 years was painted in that very sun room/studio. So cool right? Now the portrait is in my possession and will get hung in that same sun room.

Cattle Ranching

We had the pleasure of heading up to - The Ranch - Sunday to help with a little ranchin'. In all reality the C. family did a lot of watching while the S's where in the thick of it.

Trav doing what he can to get the cattle moving!

The chute
This was Mike and Noah's first trip to the ranch, it's been about 15 years since I had been there. As you can see Walker & Mason are no strangers to ranch life.
All geared up and ready to go

Just watching the herd

I love this pic just for the scenery. I do love NorCal!

G'pa S. doing his thing - taggin' ears

Again, I just love the background

It's a round-up!

We had to rush home for another engagement or I'm sure I would have more pics to post. Noah instantly fell asleep as did Mason and Walker. There was a lot of action, smells and sun.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Months

It's hard to believe we're only three months out from Noah's FIRST birthday. Where does the time go? After his 9 month "photo session" we went back and reviewed his first 8...It's amazing how much he's changed over the months, most amazing though is how much he's changed in the past month.

Official MD readings:
22 lbs = 75%
29 in = 75%

Perfectly proportioned, not to big and not to small - Just PERFECT!!

A true trained Mom eye can probably tell from these photos that Noah is a mad crawler! Notice the bruises on his head? He's goes for it no matter what, he's still not very steady and sometimes ends up face down or face right into something.

Noah remains hilarious! He's our constant source of entertainment.
Here's Noah's crawling web debut!
Noah has had so many firsts in the past month I've lost track - most of them are documented on previous posts. He's a pretty adventurous eater, he had wild boar for the first time on Friday.
Noah has reached that stage, when his toy is taken away he gets very sad. As sad as he is, I'm cracking up. How can you not at this face? Hilarious I say!

I'm sure there's more but I'm spent. If more comes to me I will add on.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


100 year old home!!!

We're so excited! We're pretty certain it won't be accepted but it's a starting point. Wish us luck!

I know, Noah's 9 month b-day was yesterday - I have pictures and even a video but the modem and router at home took a walk off a cliff so it may be some time before I get them uploaded.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Days

First a picture of Noah, I know that's what you really want. Still in his PJ's and puffy faced.

I hope to be posting more - I need to get back into it!

Most recently all our time has been watching the boy scurry around the house. There's no leaving him to play nicely on a blanket anymore. Geesh that boy can move! I've heard your requests for video of him in action loud and clear, just give me a few days.

The past two weekends have been spent house hunting (one of the days). We keep going back to one we've liked/loved since December '09. Our ducks are in line and we may be making an offer this week! I'm so excited!!! We have a back-up if our first choice doesn't work out. We looked at another tonight and we're still back to our first choice - we'll be checking it out again tomorrow.

We're moving right along with our jobs, I guess you can say we've hit our stride. Noah is obviously doing great!

We're enjoying lots and lots of family time. We've even harvested some peas from Papa's garden and some plums from his trees - there really is nothing like getting your afternoon snack right off the tree or bush (is that what peas grow on?).

Will post more this week.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have a crawler!!!

It's official! Nothings safe. To be honest, I'm terrified!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In a matter of 12 or less, our sweet little boy learned to:

Go from a laying/rolling position to a sitting position
Go from a sitting position to a PULLING HIMSELF UP position!!

OMG!! What a day! Needles to say, his crib mattress is now as low as it can go! Still not crawling - does a lot of rocking on his hands and knees and scooting backward. He's also stated lunging forward from his hands and knees position.

***We have a new mailing address***
P.O. Box 2480

I've just made a few posts...scroll down and check them out.

World's Largest

You should Google it, it's RAD!!!
This is another MONDO post. As you can tell I'm picture happy these days.
Saturday we went to the world famous and World's Largest Salmon BBQ. It was a blast! Great food, live music, local beer, sunshine, friends and family.

The band.
The World's Sweetest Boy.
The next series of pictures are pretty self explanatory. SALMON!

The traditional plate.
Uncle Lyle enjoyed his!
Our table...a lot of tables and people.

The Sweetest boy again!
We took a little walk down a doc.
Our BBQ group

Aunt Janice in true BBQ form with a little help from Paul.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Noah's First Parade

Sadly the Mendocino 4th of July Parade was a little disappointing this year. This particular parade held in the Village of Mendocino, is typically fairly political, radical, bizarre, not your "standard" 4th of July-go-America-type. For instance in previous years there have been "floats" so to speak...Boobs Not Bombs...women marching topless. You get the drift? This year...Books Not Bombs...people hold books. BORING!

We were able to chuckle a few times.

This is the view heading down to the village from the little hill where the church we were married in sits. Before the parade.

Noah got a little fussy - not enough sleep. Aunt Janice was making it all better.

Salmon! One of the only actual float type entries.

The guys.

The same view as above, after the parade. Crazy! Surprised we didn't break off into the ocean.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Yes, I know, it's nearly Friday. That's just how it is these days.

This week we had Sunday dinner at the beach. I say at the beach instead of on the beach because we weren't technically ON the beach. Because of Papa's knees we BBQ'd in the parking lot at the picnic tables. Just as beautiful with none of the sand.

I realize for most Sunday dinner doesn't warrant this many pictures...I just can help myself!

Noah is loving the coastal life!

Nancy has never taken the boardwalk, she's lived here 6+ year and this was her first time.

Doesn't this almost look like a fake backdrop? I don't if its the lighting or what?
Walker, Nancy, Mason & Travis
It was a GLORIOUS evening.

The boardwalk ends where the Sea Lions slumber
Just a pretty picture!

Noah loving it!

The food was pretty great too!


Mike passed his NAPLEX!!!

The NAPLEX, or North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, measures a candidate’s knowledge of the practice of pharmacy.

He's so smart!!!!

He still has to take the CA test but that will be a slam dunk!