Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Memorial Day

Project #1 - Before

Project #2 - Before

Project #3 - Before

Project #1 - During

What a helper!!

Project #4 - Clean-up took a heavy soaking

Project #2 - After

Project #1 - After

Project #3- After

Thank goodness for good nappers!
Per a very helpful lady at the nursery we should have some very lush and pretty shrubs in 2-4 years!! Our yard was so sparse and neglected and now it looks like we give a darn. We're enjoying it immensely!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Total Eclipse of the Heart

What fun we had at Sunday dinner thanks to Papa & his welding mask!

 It took the village to help Noah

 I thought I would be safe with this pic since you can't really see him...
I'm hoping...
Fun Isaac update:
He's drooler! OMG! I'm guessing it will only get worse as the teeth start coming it.
He's a leg shaker - the more excited he gets the more his legs get going, his right is the most active.

We got our official "Red Binder" as they call it and had our first visit with the case worker from RCS. Our State Adoptions worker will be here on Friday. Lots and lots of visitors. All seems to be going as it should.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Anything goes...

Except Noah!!
(once again my pics aren't loading as they should)
 We'll try just about anything to get the BIG guy to go

Nothing seems to work!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apparently 14 1/2" is a BIG trout!

Catch of the Day

G'ma S. took Noah fishing with Auntie and Cousins
Guess who had the biggest catch?!?!?!

The word is, he likes to reel but the fun stops once the fish is near

The little stinker is not a fan of touching

Thank goodness for G'ma!
We're going to have smoked trout!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Little I's Room

Despite the incredibly small window of time we had to get Isaacs room ready I'm thoroughly enjoying this mishmash of it all.

DH thankfully got the crib together the week before we left for Omaha and I surprisingly got a few peices painted the weekend before...the rest was thrown together the morning of I's arrival. 

I've been working on the Alphabet the past few days...completed today

Thank you Amy Butler - this was an ugly pleather ottomen
Now a delight to rest feet upon

Fun "headboard"

Isaac Update:
Officail MD readings - we had our first appointment together
11.6 lbs
23 Inches long
15 3/4" head circumpherence
Per Dr. he's looking healthy and doing exactly what he should be.
We're getting a lot more smiles and coos out of him, I think he's figured us out "I make a noise I get a snuggle, a dry diaper, a bottle, a walk - it's the life"
A few firsts together:
Farmers Market
Bluff Walk
Grocery store
Drug store
Baby sitter (grandma while I took Noah to dance class)

Noah is adjusting more and more each day. We have had a few challenges and rightfully so but as previously stated he's surprising us with how he's filling his BIG brother shoes.

A few household observations:
OMG!!! The diaper pale fills fast!!!
Where have all the papertowels gone? I think that has more to do with Noah being 2.5 than anything. it ever done?
Getting out the doors takes at least 20 minutes.

Pictures of I to be emailed.

What a Monkey

Monkey See - Monkey Do

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thank goodness for BIG cousins

Just a few shots from Sunday dinner...the little boys trying to figure out how to get the remote control helicopter to go.

 The frustration on their faces
 Big Walker to the rescue only to discover...the batteries are dead

Isaac update: He's doing great! The past two night his longest stretch of sleep has been 6 hours (not complaining just documenting). He's eating great and letting us know when he needs something, we can't ask for a whole lot more at this point. He's a very happy, snuggly little guy.
Noah has been amazing so much so that sometimes I have to stop and push my jaw shut. He's going to be a great big brother! Not to mention he can count to 10!! Where did our baby go?

Monday, May 14, 2012

We're growing!!

I'm sure by now most of you know of the changes occurring in our family. For those that don't, I'm sorry for not personally (or remotely through family and friends) letting you know.

We have welcomed baby Isaac into our family! What a great Mother's day gift right??? We've been on cloud 9.

A little disclaimer - this process has been much different than that with Noah so we have a few more rules to follow (for the time being). As of now I can't post pictures of Isaac on public sights, I'm trying to figure out how to password protect my blog or just the Isaac posts so until the time I figure it out... if you want to see the sweet pea email me or comment that you want picture(s) - if you don't think I have your email address please provide that as well.

First a picture of BIG brother helping make a happy cake to welcome Isaac home. It's amazing how the baby disappeared from Noah faster than Daddy does when he has a dirty diaper. Noah has morphed into a big boy over night (still not using the big boy potty though). Noah loves helping and giving hugs and kisses and even sometime scarring Isaac wide eyed with his volume and excitement.

Now to Isaac - (I'm not sure what I can and can't post so I'm going to keep this fairly vague)
Issac is 10 weeks old today
Issac weighs 12 pounds (based on my measure yesterday)
Issac is amazingly sleeping 7+ hours a night (lucky us)
Issac is eating like a champ - 4 oz every 3 could set your clock to it!

How he came to be:
We first learned of Isaac about 40 days ago, just a little teaser about him. Then about a week after that we learned a little more and a week after that a little more and week after that we got to meet him! Isaac has been living in the most amazing home - calm, loving, warm, charming, tranquil, the best place for a baby to start his life. We have visited Isaac a few time before the "transition" home started last Wednesday. Noah got to meet and visit with him a couple times too.
This past Wednesday that transition started - I spent a few days visiting him in his home allowing him time to get used to me and to understand that I'm there for him and will give him everything he needs. He was delivered to us by his Foster Mom & Dad on Saturday. They visited a few time in Isaac's new home to assure him he is loved and not abandoned.

There you have it! We are a family of 4 + 2 fur babies and loving it!  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Uncle B's Wedding in the HA

Just a few pics to hold you over - will post more when I have time
We had a great time and little guy...well check it out.

I don't know what it is about a peanut in a tux - there's nothing cuter!!!