Monday, April 25, 2011

More Easter Pics

Trying to get all the boys to sit still for a single picture.


Bubble Mower - Thank you G'ma & G'pa S.!

G'pa showing the way
Walker not holding anything back

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Please forgive the Christmas PJ's...DH is responsible for that. I guess it doesn't really matter - Christmas or Easter, the same fella is the reason for both!

Early morning activities.

Books from G'ma & G'pa C. - Thank you!

Finding eggs!!!
On the hunt...

Learning from Daddy.

A treasure left by the bunny

We're glad we did this small "practice hunt" at home with plastic eggs. Noah's first response was to throw the eggs and his second was to beat them together. The real hunt will be this afternoon with the cousins at Papa's.

Happy Easter to all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Loud & Clear - I heard you!

I haven't been a total slacker mom, I have been taking pictures...just haven't had a moment to post them. I making a moment and giving you what you asked for.

Enjoying a delicious pickle.

With his collection of treasures.

Noah is rarely found with fewer than 3 items in his hands at all times.
We decided to pull out the drum set in hopes of getting our
little BamBam to beat on something else
other than me.
So for so good!
Although the tips of the stix have been eaten off...

Stylish as ever!

There you have it. Noah will be a year and a half tomorrow - I had grand plans of a half birthday celebration but as usual lately I'm not going to be able to execute it...DH and Noah will have to celebrate without me (I have a Chamber function to attend :().

Noah is doing amazing, learning and growing each day. He's a hilarious little dude and we're spending every free minute enjoying him.