Saturday, August 28, 2010

NLC says DOG-A

It's official, Noah has said his first word and it's dog but sounds like DOG-A.

He's been making sounds that sound like dog, dad and mama for some time. We're calling his first word as dog-a because when a dog comes near he says dog-a. When we ask him where the dog is he starts looking.

Last weekend when Noah and I were on a walk he didn't make a peep until we came across a women walking a dog, he blurted DOG-A.

So there you have it.

A video not related...just cute.

Monday, August 23, 2010

September 10th - GREAT House News!

We've learned the tenants occupying the house we're purchasing have found a new place...they will be out by 8/31!!! That means when we close escrow on 9/10 we're free to do as we wish!!!

Stay tuned, I hope to have some fun before and after photos for you!

BTW - DH has his final test scheduled for 9/11 and for all our Griz Fan friends, he's heading to San Luis Obispo after to watch the Griz v Mustang game. What a way to celebrate right?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can you believe it?

Noah is 10 MONTHS!!!!
Where do I start? Noah is on the go! We thought my 'rents sunk-in-living room would be a great place to contain Noah - wrong! Has has masted the stairs, it takes him just a matter of seconds to make his way up. He hasn't gotten the hang of the down yet.
Noah is chewing and biting everything! His crib is missing bits as is my 'rents hardwood floor and there are scratches in their slate. He loves to chew on leather, be it belts, shoes, doesn't really matter. I'm covered in little bruises thanks to the little bruiser. He's not an aggressive biter just a biter!

As you can see he likes to eat - Noah is a very healthy little boy! I haven't come across a food Noah doesn't like. He's pretty much eating everything except those that he's not supposed to because of allergies or health.

Can you see all 6 teeth?
Noah is hilarious and charming. He's learned to wave and has started to clap. He can mimic just about any noise. I like to think he's saying Mom or Dad's really just gibberish.

He's standing great holding on to something and has just this weekend started to let go and try to stand on his own. He can sort of furniture surf, he makes it a step or two.

We just love him!!!

A little video of Noah being Noah.

Pine Acres

Last weekend we headed North East to the Blue Lakes - Pine Acres. The warm weather was a nice break from the fog we've been having. It didn't last long...I'll get to that.

It was pretty luxusious. We got to sleep in the tent trailer! As you can see, Noah wasn't so thrilled about it - he wanted to be with the party not going to sleep in the trailer.

G'pa S. and Mason
We had a very restless night with Noah, we've tried camping twice and both times were rough. I'm sticking to the story that the first attempt failed because of teething.
Noah and I were up and walking before most people in the camp. Shortly after our return we went berry picking. From what Mike can remember he may have never been blackberry picking before. Go big or go home right? We found an old wooden ladder and as you can see DH put it to good use.

The crop
Our harvet
Aunt Janice was going to make a blackberry reduction of some sort for the pork she was going to make. We talked her into making a cobbler. Sadly we didn't get to enjoy it. Shortly after our return to camp Noah came down with a very high fever and decided it was best if we headed home.
Noah's fever persisted for about three days and as it broke he developed a rash. It's been determined Noah had Roseola Measles. He doing great now. About 50% of babies between 6 months and 3 years get the virus. No major risks, just a really miserable week that you have to ride out.
We may give camping another try this summer...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A This & That Post

We're moving right along with escrow...knock on wood. We're hoping to even close sooner however, we won't be able to move in sooner because of the tenants but at least we'll be done with the process.

Noah is hilarious as usual. He spent most of this evening cracking himself and us up. He's got teeth #5 & #6 busting though - both on the top.

We celebrated Mason's 3rd BIRTHDAY!! It was Noah's first kids birthday - he loved it!
Mason's balloons were tide to his pants -
it was a birthday cloud that followed him around.
(MT friends - do you love his shirt?)

All the boys wanted to help.

Learning to ride.

Off he goes!

Noah helping again. He seemed more interested than Mase.
All the boys playing with the new toys.

A new book - I love the title!

Who says beanbags are for sitting?

Noah waiting for cake

We're off camping this weekend.

Monday, August 2, 2010

KOA Kamping

Noah and I had the pleasure of going "kamping" with G'ma, G'pa, Walker and Mason. We headed over the hill to the Willits KOA. Other than the tents and trailers there wasn't really any camping involved. It more like the ultimate playground completed with pools, petting zoo, western town, mini-golf and movies on the green every night plus so much more! The attendants drove around an collected the trash each day from each site and for those who had waste/gray water tanks they came around and pumped them. It really was a spectacular place.

Breakfast Saturday morning.

I don't think I've ever seen Walker's face so puffy or seen him eat so much. Walker was lucky enough to have 4 of his friends also camping there. You will notice there aren't many pictures with Walker in them. Most of the time he was off with his buddies riding bikes or playing in Rootin-Tootin play structure.

Mase wanted a special style for the pool.

Getting ready to get wet.

This was Noah's first ever time in a pool. We started in the big pool and eventually spent most of our time in the 1 1/2 foot wading pool. Perfect for Noah! He LOVED it!!!

North Coast Fog Ghosts getting a little sun.

Noah could even touch the bottom.

Cute boys!

As you can see, all the activity, pool and heat really took it out of G'pa and Mase.

Noah getting some special G'ma time while the other boys where napping.

Funny Mase.

Smiling Noah

Contained Noah - he doesn't seem to mind.

Walker after a face plant - so sad. He recovered after some Oreos and Mike. It took the rest of us a few s'mores before we were feeling better about it. Fortunately Mike drove over for dinner and was there to help out.

A little house update:
We're still working on the inspections. Had the Pest today, hope to have the report in the next couple days. Have another home inspection this weekend. Depending on what's discovered (if anything) we can just more along or may need to sellers to do some work - if they're not willing, we keep looking.