Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes Santa...

Needs a little help from the domestic Elves...

Fortunately there's a handy one around here.

Ready to go!

Now that's awesome!

Our schedule was a little backwards

We attended Mass in the morning so our attire

was not typical of Christmas morning or Mass for that matter...

I'm not sure he got enough...

Christmas Dinner @ G'ma & G'Pa S.

More packages too - More tools for this guy!

Including a tool belt!

Handsome Husband with his new tie

The Family...

I didn't get the LBD & Pearls Memo

We love when G'ma & G'pa S. miss a little December

if it gets us all new Italian treasures!

Special moments between Great G'pa & Noah

Safety first!

And always...

Another beautiful table and meal

A little nite nite cooking in full winter gear

Where does this kid get it?

Merry Christmas!!! We hope everyone had a great one!

Christmas Eve 2011

The party Friday night must have been just a little too much for our little fella...

This is how Christmas Eve started

Outfit independently compiled...

G'ma S. always says "Your the Mother, he has to wear what you say"

How could I say no? Even if it Christmas Eve?
We enjoyed a lovely afternoon/evening at the Jr. S's

Go 9ERS!

So sad and so handsome

Nothing like teamwork
My early retirement plan...

A beautiful table!

Merry Christmas!

Party People

The C-house hosted a little Holiday gathering! What fun we had!! What's better than drink, food, friends and family??

Huh? Where did he get that desire?

My kind of girl!

So cute!!

Us :)

The night went a little down hill...

The background on the poop: G'ma S. bought it for Noah

Her thought being if he saw it in his potty chair he would know where to go.

Well, by Bro had other thoughts and creative enhancements!

Merry Christmas! The fun has just begun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Party Time

Once again...we were lucky enough to have all the boys to attend a Christmas party complete with a visit from SANTA!!!

They were all so handsome...

Noah a little more spirited than the others

Handsome boys!
Our little fella show'n off his moves yet again!

It took me a few to figure out how to use my camera

I missed the photo op of Noah on Santa's lap :(

But got plenty of him playing with his toy!

Surprisingly he seemed excited and not scared!

NEW TOOLS!!!The big guy on the big guy

So sweet!

All the kiddos

Uncle trying to figure out the Transformer

apparently they aren't like he remembers...

The S boys helping with the demo on the gingerbread house!

Noah working away...missing the party

Doing a pretty good job I must say!