Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I wonder if Blogger has an image limit?

If yes, I've got to be getting close. Do I still have any followers out there? You may be wondering what I've been doing for the past 23 days? Let me tell you.

In addition to caring for this adorable guy and preparing for the holidays....
I've been taking over a business! That's right faithful followers I'm now a business owner. Now do you get why I've been so absent? I now am proudly a Glazing contractor. My new seat is in Fort Bragg Glass & Mirror, Inc. FB Glass is a well established business with roots dating back to the 40's. Most recently it's been in need of some updating, re-branding and new blood - enter me! I've been having a great time giving it some updating and putting my touch on it. Everyday I'm getting a little more settled and a little more in control. I hope to have images soon and a link to our fancy new website!

With all the above going on, our house has been neglected...we're still not unpacked. My goal is spring!

On to the holiday and the pictures!

Crotzer Family Christmas ver. 2010
Trying to get little dude to pose for a picture...this is as good as we got.
I missed the girls bake-a-thon this year
(was there one MT ladies with all the new babies?)
We had one with the little boys instead.
G'ma S. helping Mason decorate

Christmas eve we had a Wii tournament.
Believe it or not the C. family owns a video console and we have cable!
Times are a'changing.
Great G'pa S. even got involved - he had to with all the smack talking he was doing!
He wasn't to bad either!
G'pa S. was rolling like an all-star!
Crab feed for dinner - so yummy.

My man Mase sticking to a tried and true favorite.
Noah sticking to what he knows best too.

Cousins opened their packages from us Christmas Eve.
Plasma Cars!! They were a hit!

Noah driving Mase around.
the grown-ups even got to ride.
Noah trying to keep up with his cousins...
they got going pretty good and the little dude was left in the dust.
Walker taking Noah for a ride.

Christmas morning stockings.
Packages, packages, packages!
Please notice the package opening jersey as usual.
Noah got a Plasma Car too! Thank you G'ma & G'pa C. it's a huge hit!
The wreckage!
Sadly I forgot my camera for Christmas dinner. Travis got a sweet new one so hopefully he'll forward some picture so I can post them (although you may be burned out of our pictures by the time you get to the end of this post).

How we recovered from Christmas....

I got Mike tickets to the Raiders v. Colts for his birthday.
Game day finally arrived.

Our very modest tailgate.

We were 7 rows up on the 40 yard line, it was a beautiful day
and other that being at a Raiders game the day couldn't get much better.
You may be wondering why we're not decked out in Colts gear...we were at a Raiders games.
Raiders fans are jack @$$'s - I apologize for not having a better way to state that. The Colts fans that were brave enough to wear their gear through the gates were made to feel pretty unwelcome, uncomfortable and scared from what we witnessed. Thankfully we blended in and DH didn't put on his hat until we were at our seats.

Go Colts!

It's a WIN!!

There you have it. I'm exhausted and you probably are too. I promise I'll be better about regular posts. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

FB Lighted Truck Parade

The first weekend in December brings Christmas to Fort Bragg! Mrs. Clause bakes cookies for the kids, the tree is illuminated downtown and we have a parade!

G'ma and Noah
We bundled like it was Montana, hot drinks and all...it was in the 50's - it was fun to pretend.

Early Christmas present. I know what most of you are thinking...that it was me, but NO! Mike had the box opened and the chair set-up before Noah and I even got home. Uncle David, Aunt Becky and cousins, Ellen, Cecilia and Julia sent Noah his very own chair. Noah is very, very very proud of his chair as you can see. He enjoy reading and eating in his chair. Thanks Omaha fam!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noah being Noah

I'm constantly trying to get a great video of our little guy. He's a challenge to film, when the camera comes out he usually stops whatever it is I'm trying to capture and just smiles for the camera...as frustrating as it is - it's also incredibly adorable.

Not a great video but a glimpse into Noah's day.