Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The beginning

This is the beginning of my cyber life I guess you could say. Not sure why I'm compelled to create a blog, my guess is because everyone is doing it and heaven forbid I not be part of it. Things will be a little shaky at first as I figure out this whole fan dangled thing. I assure you my technical skills will improve with time. Those of you that have any interest in reading this probably already know me but I'll give you the abridge status of my life as of today.

Missoula Montana is a cold, wet, muddy place right now. The only upside of the forthcoming depths of winter is the freezing ground which will eliminate the mud issue. Mike (DH) is nearing the end of his first semester of his 3rd year in the Pharmacy program and 4th year at the University of Montana. Only another year and a half to go. I'm working and well. We're living comfortably for us in our simple townhome with our two dogs Josie & Daisy. We've been married for 2.5 years and are working on expanding our family by way of adoption with hopes to provide a loving family and home for a child that would otherwise not have one.

My family is doing well. Mom and Dad are the best and seem to be living life as I think we all hope to someday. Trav, Nanc, Walker and Mase are the apple of the family eye. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Everyone is supporting Papa. Our family took a tremendous hit with the loss of our Nana on June 14, 2008. She is deeply missed, forever cherished and loved and never forgotten.

The in-law side of the family is joyfully expanding. DH brother David's family is expanding with their 3rd daughter which I have been asked and honorably accepted to be her Godmother. Ellen and Cecelia are going to be great big sisters. I am waiting for word from Vicki and Kevin on the expansion of their family, I know Emma wants so be a big sister. I guess time will tell.

Did I mention I just got back from the most amazing two week vacation with my mother? I'll leave those details for another post.

Future posts will probably be mindless chatter about the life and times of me as I travel this road which has yet to be defined. I welcome you to stay tune, tune or out or comment. May each day bring you something worth living for.

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Hillary said...

Excellent post! I'm so glad you've joined the ranks!!!