Thursday, October 8, 2009

A real J-O-B

We always joke DH has never had a "real" job. He's always had part time jobs through school (9 years of higher education) and he was in the USCG for 4 years.

He doesn't count the USCG as a "real" job not because it's not respectable or "work" but because it's more of a club or counter culture. There's not a typical job interview but a physical test and training and they provided allowances for uniforms, food, housing etc. Plus his stint fell during a time in his life when his life responsibilities were minimal and his spirit was high. He can explain it better.

Anyway - He's nearly 31 and has never had a "real" job! He's very proud of himself about this.

His free ride is quickly coming to an end! The J-O-B hunt has begun. DH has had some very promising conversation with a couple major pharmacy retailers. Who knows if it will lead to an official job offer but it is exciting. Keep your fingers crossed - the end is in sight!!!

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Julie said...

So glad to hear the good news about the jobs....lets hope they are in MT.