Friday, December 25, 2009


To have a very Merry Christmas! We are!!

Noah was very focused on all the packages that were being opened. DH and I discussed how unfortunate it is that little ones don't remember their first Christmas. It seems a lot of times some very special gifts are given for the "1st Christmas" - it would be nice if they remembered.

We are doing are best to document it for him. Some of my favorite shots!
Watching daddy open packages!
Sweet signed Colts ball...signed by who? I don't know.
BTW - supposedly this is DH's package opening jersey? Ever hear of such a thing?

Someone really thinks I needed some Ina Garten! Thanks Mom

Showing Noah his loot

Slide show of more

What's better than bowling? Bowling socks!

Have you noticed how the pile of toys behind me keeps growing?
The Wreckage!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...


baby karina had a good first christmas too!!
we should get her and noah together haha, love you guys