Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Months

Here it is! I can't believe one quarter of Noah's first year of his life is over!

The first shots are always the funniest - "What's that flash?"
Noah loves to put his hand in his mouth. In fact, as I'm typing this the sucking noise can probably be heard by the neighbors.
Noah is sleeping 9 hours a night
Noah is eating 35 oz a day
Noah is very smiley and "giggly", they sound like huh huh huh

Noah's teacher says he is very alert, loves to talk with and look at the other children.
He likes his paci but doesn't seem to be dependent on it - he has his hands.
He loves his bouncy chair, I really think he looks forward to seeing his woodland friends each morning.
He tracks us like a hawk, if I'm holding him and daddy leaves the room, Noah knows and is looking all around for him.
I don't think he's figured out the dogs yet.
His hair color sometimes looks reddish, sometime light brown & sometime dark brown.
If I were to guess his weight I would say 15.5 lbs.
We've filled his drawers with his stash of 6 & 9 months clothes, some are big but not that big!


Denver Jen said...

Those are the best photos ever. How sweet. I love his tummy and thighs. Soooo cute!!!

Hillary said...

SO adorable! Love the monthly shots with the #'s on his are such a great mom!!!!

Stephanie R said...

Super cute!!! I can't believe how fast those 3 months went.