Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the move

Yikes!! Have you seen the countdown to the right?!?!? --->

Not that anyone really called us on it but, our home phone service is no longer - please use our cells.

Our house is in absolute disorder! We've booked our movers! Due to timing, logistics and receiving it sounds like we will be without our worldly possessions as of April 30th!! I've only come close to a mental breakdown once and only hyperventilated a few times. I think I will get through this!


McAtee's said...

:-( hang in there Crotzer, it will all work out great. I know I haven't seen you for ages, but it just seems so sad that you are uprooting to California.....gonna miss you more and more.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!! So exciting Jenn. You'll be here in time to see Lindsay graduate!


S and the girls