Monday, April 19, 2010

Prairie Dog Town - USA

We were in the far away land of Billings this weekend visiting Noah's birth families. I promised DH if he was a good boy all weekend we would stop at Prairie Dog Town...he's wanted to stop there each time we've passed.
DH was a good boy!
It was perfect timing for a bottle and diaper change.

We learned prairie dogs live in communities with 2 males, 4 females and all their young. Within the park there were many communities. If a dog from another community tried to visit another the fight would be on! The dogs are pretty clever hole diggers and watch dogs. Very interesting. Our K9's would have gone absolutely berserk if they were there.
Noah did surprisingly well with the drive, by hour 4 1/2 he was getting a little restless but all in in all he did well. He also did pretty well sleeping in the hotel. We were prepared for anything and thankfully we didn't need to be.
Our visits were lovely, we're glad we made the time to make the trek...more pictures later.

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