Monday, May 31, 2010

The daily catch

I can't speak for the entire C-clan, but I think we've had some good times since we've arrived!

Papa's is the best place to be - he's got a fort complete with shingled roof and table for eating ripe plums (per Walker), great stumps/trees for climbing, a zip line for kids of a minimum age however there's no upper limit - DH took a turn, and a garden just starting to sprout. Walker and Mason have taken us on the tour.

We've had a couple family dinners and another Tuesday for G'ma S's BIRTHDAY!

DH has had the opportunity to go out for abalone! He got his limit both days and only took one tumble on the harsh rocks of the North Coast.

G'ma S. and Noah just observing.
DH and his catch.

Verifying for legal size

Abs just waiting to get eaten.
Since the rest of the family headed out of town for the long weekend, we headed up to Papa's for a little organizing of our goods in his garage and a fresh abalone dinner. DH got a lesson on the cleaning and I got a lesson on the cooking. It was delicious!!

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TaraD said...

Very interesting! What does it taste like???