Friday, May 28, 2010

Roadtrip - Leg #2

Lewiston, ID to Eugene, OR. It was a long one! Noah was a champ as usual.


It was interesting to have 2 adults, a babe and 2 fur-babies in one small hotel room. Thankfully it was only for one night.

The drive out of ID, into WA and finally OR provided a variety of scenery.

Talk about big sky!

Later ID

We were totally driving into the eye of the storm!

Definitely want to actually stop here next time through.

I have a slight obsession with wind turbines.

They are just so cool!

A near blow-out about 45 minute outside of Eugene.


Anonymous said...

The first pic of Noah is lovely, the last one is sick dude.

Anonymous said...

Noah's BM had a similar blowout when she was a little older that that. What a mess. We had to hose her off at a carwash in Kooskia ID. No we did't use the carwash just the water hose on the outside. She had it clear up her back. The first picute of Noah is so cute. I never tire of seeing his picture and keeping up with you three and the fur babies. GG