Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pine Acres

Last weekend we headed North East to the Blue Lakes - Pine Acres. The warm weather was a nice break from the fog we've been having. It didn't last long...I'll get to that.

It was pretty luxusious. We got to sleep in the tent trailer! As you can see, Noah wasn't so thrilled about it - he wanted to be with the party not going to sleep in the trailer.

G'pa S. and Mason
We had a very restless night with Noah, we've tried camping twice and both times were rough. I'm sticking to the story that the first attempt failed because of teething.
Noah and I were up and walking before most people in the camp. Shortly after our return we went berry picking. From what Mike can remember he may have never been blackberry picking before. Go big or go home right? We found an old wooden ladder and as you can see DH put it to good use.

The crop
Our harvet
Aunt Janice was going to make a blackberry reduction of some sort for the pork she was going to make. We talked her into making a cobbler. Sadly we didn't get to enjoy it. Shortly after our return to camp Noah came down with a very high fever and decided it was best if we headed home.
Noah's fever persisted for about three days and as it broke he developed a rash. It's been determined Noah had Roseola Measles. He doing great now. About 50% of babies between 6 months and 3 years get the virus. No major risks, just a really miserable week that you have to ride out.
We may give camping another try this summer...

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