Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday my Love

The fam headed to the Brewery for DH's birthday dinner. It was delicious! Then to our house for dessert provided by Sis-in-law/Auntie Nance. Thank you Nance.

Cream Cheese Apple Pie w/Crisp top and
Ice Cream Mud Pie!
Yum Yum Yum!!

I would have more pictures but I cleaned the house for our company - the camera got put away.


The Birthday Boy - 32 Years!

Just some cute pics of Noah. This is the primary view I'm getting these days. Noah spends most of his time at my feet trying to climb my legs. It's adorable unless I'm set on getting a task done, then I call for dad...

More of the same - I just love his toothy smile!

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Mike. Dessert looking yummy!!!! Love love love the pics of Noah. Such a happy boy

All our love

Hugs & kisses to Noah