Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stats at 377 Day Old

Noah had his 1 year appointment today! His doc has been gone for a month trekking the Himalayas so it was a little late. Doc was thrilled to have Noah as his first patient after being back. He did great!

Official Readings:
23.5 Pounds - 58% PERFECT!!!
31 Inches - 89% TALL
Our doc called it 90 something for height, when I charted it I got 81...we're using the average.

Teeth - 9! That have broken through. When he was bellowing while getting his shots today I noticed three more that look like their about to break the surface.

Words - Da-da, maa, ma-ma, dog, uh-oh and lots and lots of squeals!

Steps - I saw the first one tonight!!!
Only to find out that daycare Karen called DH at work last Friday to say he took three there. A little history about why I wasn't told...it makes me sad to miss his milestone. When Karen mentioned to DH a bit ago that Noah was close, DH told her not to tell me, then last week dc Karen was at my bro's watching the Giants game and I mentioned that all the great milestones were met at daycare which I'm sure just solidified DH's comment.

Other milestones:
Flushing the toilet - as often as he can
Opening and closing anything that opens and closes
Relieving the toilet paper roll of its duties by setting all the TP free
No more formula!
Forward facing carseat

At this point it doesn't seem like there's anything he's not doing or eating.

There you have it!

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