Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noah being Noah

I'm constantly trying to get a great video of our little guy. He's a challenge to film, when the camera comes out he usually stops whatever it is I'm trying to capture and just smiles for the frustrating as it is - it's also incredibly adorable.

Not a great video but a glimpse into Noah's day.


Anonymous said...

He is just so adorable and looks always so happy great job. Cant believe he is walking and so big.

Love Michelle

Jenn and Joe said...

That is too cute! Alex does the same thing when the camera comes out! I get a big smile, and then he runs over to take the camera. Stinkers! Noah trying to stand and drink reminds me of when Alex started walking a few weeks ago! All the new things these little boys have to learn! Must be a lot of work!

The Fink Family said...

Very cute. Brooke does the same thing when the camera comes out!