Thursday, January 27, 2011

15 Months + 7 Days

Noah had his 15 month appointment and SHOTS usual he was a champ.

Official MD readings:
Weight - 25 lbs = 50%
Height - 31 in = 80%
Head - 19.5 in = 95%

Doc said little dude has surpassed his milestones. His movements, balance, strength, dexterity (if 15 monther have any) and teeth are ahead of the game! It also appears, much to his daddy's disappointment, Noah will be a righty. Mike was hoping for a left hand MLB pitcher.

A few non-technical updates:
Noah is into everything and on the go non-stop. He can be momentarily distracted with food, remote controls, cell phones and water.
Noah loves to close doors, steal produce right off the shelf in the grocery store when I'm not paying attention and to tell the dogs NO! Wonder where he got that?
Noah is saying the standard, Ma, Dada, dog, nana (for banana), nite-nite, NO, mo (more), ook (book)...I think that's pretty much it. He does try to repeat what we say but mostly just makes similar sounds.
Noah loves, loves, loves his books, his ride-on toys and playing in the dogs water.
Noah is very independent, he knows when it's time to go. He waits at the front door, goes out the door, across the porch, down the stairs and to the gate which he's getting better at opening and then walks to the car. Yikes! When we're home the same but in reverse, walks to the gate (I have to open since he can't reach over to open, up the walk, up the stairs, across the porch, in the door and then he makes sure he closes it. He's got the routine down!

As you can see eating has yet to become a tidy experience.
Noah's very own cell phone given to him by the US Cellular guy today...
I think that's pretty much it. He's growing, healthy, happy and charming. Can we ask for anything else?

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