Monday, February 7, 2011

An all-over-the-place post

With lots of pictures!

Perhaps we got a little ahead of ourselves when placing such big boy responsibility in the hands of such a little fella.
Testing the limits...
but doing it so cutely! Mason after ranching all day, not sure what's on the face...
No matter the events of the day
we will always gather for Papa's Birthday!
(that's a rhyme and I didn't even try)

Noah enjoying Papa's birthday dinner.

Tia (Papa's Chihuahua) camps out under Noah's seat,
Can you see why?
Cousin Walker picked the post dinner style.
Happy Birthday Papa (81 w/the spirit of an 18 year old)

Making a wish - Noah helping out.
I just LOVE this picture!

Noah chowing on bday cake.
Daddy stealing a few sweet moments.
Me a little lighter on top - still getting used to it.
Playtime before bedtime.
Very focused.
Packing up and move'n the farm.
Discovering how fun Daddy's shoes can be!

The best for last!


Hillary said...

Awesome pictures - love, love, love the one of Noah and gpa. Tia looks like she might have a little time under a few different high chairs...
YEAH for the new timeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

Love the 'yippee' pic of Noah with the sweet shoes! He is a happy little fella! I also like your new 'do. I've been thinking a chop, myself.

I wish my picture as a follower weren't a big giant red X but I can't seem to fix it since my blog is deleted??? Bummer.

I say YAY for new timeline, too!