Monday, February 14, 2011


House pictures finally!!

Remember her prior glory here:
Her current glory!
I love our little side porch!
House project #1 - Complete!
(pre-completion pictures on the above link)

Now the Noah updates!
Noah's working on tooth 16
Noah can now reach door handles and can even open some doors
Noah on his tippy toes can reach items off just about any table surface

Noah is all over the place
Noah has no fear and actually moves towards loud noises

Noah is very indepentant
Noah doesn't seem to need help from anyone

Okay, so he needs a little help from Dad - a.k.a motor

Noah likes to help around the house and yard

When he's done he's gone!

1 comment:

Anna said...

You've made Gert beautiful & "happy" again. As always absolutely love the pictures of Noah. Anticipate them often. Smile all the time looking at them. Miss & love all of you. Lots of love for Noah. Xoxoxo him for me.

Good luck with journey #2. We hope a BF gets as lucky as us when they find you.