Monday, March 21, 2011

Whale Fest '11

Whale Fest is typically a festive weekend! We did our best considering the conditions - rain, thunder, lightning and HAIL!

The festivities include a car show, crafts fair, chowder tasting, beer tasting and run. DH participated in the run while we the rest of us took cover.

The winner is!
DH took 1st in his group!
10th over all! Way to go!!

Aunt Nancy took 2nd in her group!
Way to go Nance!!

The cold painful walk home.
The house with hail - did you notice the new windows?
The best for last! G'ma is going to kill me for posting this.
Returning inside from the treacherous weather outside.
What a look!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

LOVE the new windows!!!!!
Sooooo, maybe I should start coming there to participate in runs...seems like if you're part of your group, you're sure to place! :)