Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes Santa...

Needs a little help from the domestic Elves...

Fortunately there's a handy one around here.

Ready to go!

Now that's awesome!

Our schedule was a little backwards

We attended Mass in the morning so our attire

was not typical of Christmas morning or Mass for that matter...

I'm not sure he got enough...

Christmas Dinner @ G'ma & G'Pa S.

More packages too - More tools for this guy!

Including a tool belt!

Handsome Husband with his new tie

The Family...

I didn't get the LBD & Pearls Memo

We love when G'ma & G'pa S. miss a little December

if it gets us all new Italian treasures!

Special moments between Great G'pa & Noah

Safety first!

And always...

Another beautiful table and meal

A little nite nite cooking in full winter gear

Where does this kid get it?

Merry Christmas!!! We hope everyone had a great one!

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Anonymous said...

Love all your post. They are the cutest boys.