Monday, January 9, 2012

Hadn't done it before...

but will absolutely do it again!!!

DH I set off for a lovely afternoon at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company complete with tasting, tour and Folf A.K.A. - disc golf or frisbee golf.

Let's just say a lovely afternoon turned into a blast of an all nighter - thank you G'ma & G'pa S. for caring for the babe and fur babes.

We started out serious
And doing well

Halftime show

A cross between a bear & deer - BEER!

Getting a little loosened up

The beautiful backdrop

Good moon rising

One of our many good shot -

We spent a lot of time in the trees and I don't mean

on the ground - literally climbing trees and shaking branches

Booneville is a fun little place to kill a night. I'm sure we'll back.

And yes, I know you want pictures of Noah and not us. I'll get working on that.

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