Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surf Action

Back to Costa Rica posts (I'm getting closer to getting all our pictures cataloged)...My blog is essentially our family scrapbook/photo album so if I don't document here it doesn't get documented. These weren't actually taken by me for a change!

(Surf action pictures)

Getting our instructions

The observer - so cute!

We're off!!

It seems so much easier for the little ones

Up and going

G'pa S - a total surf dude!

The falling pictures of all of us are the BEST!!

Go Daddy!!

Now it's DH's turn

Go Baby!!!

This is my favorite!!! Thumbs up & toes curled!!

Now me...I have to admit I'm not comfortable showing

this much flesh on the www but I had document.

Hang Ten Dudes!!!

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