Friday, August 24, 2012

Camping '12

It's never good when you start off a camping trip with a big fat
TO (time out)

Thankfully we had our dear friend
"My 'Trina" with us
who brought bribe food!

One may he always so sweet & smiley??

Mike + manpris = ???
Still cute to me!
A few mimosas to balance out the TO's
 Rice cereal is NOT better camping
 But G'pa S. is pretty funny when visiting!!
 Sweet Austin(a) hehe...built-in kid entertainment
 What's wrong with this picture
Mom being a mom.
Dad relaxing & reading??
 There's just something about baby I that makes
G'ma S. just look so darn cute!!!
Our sweet "My 'Trina"
 I will listen to ANYTHING you say G'pa

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