Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A goodbye visit

to a beloved Aunt also meant
We got to spend some much needed time with cousins
Emma & Grace
which also meant Aunt Victoria & Uncle Kevin
and G'pa & G'ma C!!!!
in Indiana

Cutie was a cold windy day at the park 

Stylish Emma!!

G'ma C loving on Mr. I
Special playtime with G'pa C.

Don't you just want to reach through and kiss
this face?!?!?!? So sweet!!!
Our attempt at a group picture...
thank you Noah as usual

Great Aunt Mary & I
Uncle Kevin is a hit!
The chaos that ensued
Another blustery day at another lovely Indy park
G'pa even got into it

First swing with I

Thank you for everything G'pa & G'ma C.
We love and miss you!!

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