Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forward Progress

Wish us luck. We have our medical exams today for our adoption. I have the forms out and ready to go for when the time rolls around this afternoon. I'm very excited to be actually doing something for the process rather than waiting and reading. In addition to examining us medically, from what I've read, our physician will be asked if he feels we are mentally fit to adopt as well. Smile and be nice, right?
Father Perry called again yesterday, returning my call. I had to remind him he had already returned my call and we have our meeting set up for the 3rd @ 1 P.M. Apparently he has received some paperwork from CSSM on our behalf. I can only take that to mean they didn't tear up our application at first sight. A good sign!
Things are really starting to feel real. Our application is in and we're moving forward. It's a great feeling!!!! I've never had one but I image one with a positive pregnancy test would feel similar to what I'm feeling today. My 'gestational' period will be more like 16-18 months instead of 9 and in my heart and mind instead of the womb. Very similar though. Hehehe. WOW!
And it's TURKEY day! I'll be with my family in 30 days! Sheesh, things are good.
DH has his school picture today, he wishes he had a flannel shirt to go with his mountain man beard. His mentor graduated from U of M and his class picture that is forever hung in the school halls is him with a beard and flannel. DH wanted to be just like him even though his classmates were all planning on wearing sweater vests. Do they ever grow-up?


Hillary said...

OK Mike is adorable - that made me giggle.
Good luck today at your appointments!!!! 16 - 18 months for a gestational period may mean you'll actually be able to wrap your brain around this whole thing...I know 9 months didn't seem long enough for me to wrap my brain around it. I can not WAIT for more news on this!!!!

McAtee's said...

Woot woot.....this is so exciting Jenn....can't wait to hear more...

Deborah said...

Just stumbled across your blog via Hillary's...Congratulations on getting started with adoption! That is very exciting. Good luck, and I will be cheering for you from Seattle!
Also, crazy jealous of your Greece trip. Looks like it was fabulous.