Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Italy, Greece, Turkey by way of SF and Germany

I know you've all been dieing for me to brag about the most amazing vacation ever! Here's the time line:
Oct. 22nd - Flew to San Francisco to meet up with Mom
Oct. 23rd - Flew to Franfurt Germany then onto Rome
Oct. 24th - Landed in Rome then shuttled to the Galaxy
Oct. 25th - Port of Messina, Sicily - Italy - toured Taormina
Oct. 26th - Athens, Greece
Oct. 27th - At sea
Oct. 28th - Mykonos, Greece
Oct. 29th - Kusadasi, Turkey
Oct. 30th - Rhodes, Greece
Oct. 31st - Santorini, Greece
Nov. 1st - At Sea
Nov. 2nd - Naples, Italy
Nov. 3rd - Rome, Italy
Nov. 4th - Flew from Rome to Munich Germany then to SF
Nov. 5th - Flew from SF to Missoula
The most amazing site historically for me was Ephesus Turkey. The most relaxing/fun was Mykonos Greece. The most picturesque was the village of Ia on Santorini, Greece - the tour guide of the day was also very picturesque- yum yum. The best meal was in Naples Italy.

I could write a book on the sights we saw and the things we experienced but I won't. Here is the link for the edited photo album (originally over 1,000 photos) If you're interesting in hearing more feel free to ask.

A totally cool church Mykonos Greece

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Tara D said...

Great pics...what a fantastic trip!!! I can't wait to visit with you more about it over the phone. Smootch, Smootch!! Tara