Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

To all my loyal followers, I hope you all have a very lovely Thanksgiving and embrace all those things in your life to be thankful for. DH and I will be sharing the day with the gracious Disney family. I believe this will be our 4th Thanksgiving with them. My 'rents will be spending Thanksgiving with my Papa feasting on LAMB - yum yum! I'm certain in addition to turkey the first Thanksgiving attendants also enjoyed lamb. Tav and his family will be in Sacramento, I spoke with Walker this week and he is incredibly excited to be visiting his cousins, grandparents and aunt and uncle. I am thankful they will be spending Thanksgiving with Nancy's family because that means we get them for Christmas! I will be home in 22 days!

We woke today to a ground covering of graupel, it freaked me out for a bit because from my second floor bedroom window all I saw was white and I hadn't planned on riding the bus...after further inspection it was just a light dusting and after only a little freak out and whimpering I got behind the wheel and made it safely to work.

In planning for our trip home for Christmas, I was informed by my mother last night that I would be in charge of Christmas desert. Naturally I though I would get to decide what we would be having. My mistake. I will be making Creme Brulee! HELP! I love Creme Brulee but have no idea how to make it. Anyone have any good recipes/tips?

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