Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner #5 Creamy Rice With Roasted Shrimp

Score 8
This meal was amazingly easy and so heavenly. I used to watch Hell's Kitchen - I must say I think Chef Ramsey would have been proud of my risotto! This is such a great meal because you could add anything to it to change it...scallops, bits of white fish, anything really. Cold leftovers were even richer in flavor.

Don't be surprised if you are over for dinner and I serve this dish.

Not sure what our plan is for next week. DH's schedule will changing, he'll be starting a new rotation at the Drug Information center at the U. He'll probably be working some nights so I just don't know...maybe you'll know what we're eating and maybe you wont.

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Stephanie said...

I made this one last week with a modified version of the rice. It was excellent! And oh so easy. It was perfect for my over-supply of grape tomatoes in my garden. :)