Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall? Not in this town!

This past Saturday was an absolutely lovely day. A mythical Indian Summer type afternoon. As I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the day I though it was so cute how the trees out front were starting to turn. Just one lonely red leaf. It was above 80 that day.

Today is Thursday, I'm not even sure it made it into the 50's!!! Seriously?!?! What happened to fall? Lolo Peak and Snow Bowl got snow yesterday!!!
The one good thing about the precipitation is the help it will give in extinguishing fires. This picture is also from Saturday from my porch. The Kootenai fire has flared up an embarrassing amount of times. I did mess with the contrast of the photo to help differentiate the smoke from the sky.

Fire fire go away and never come back some day!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely single red leaf. Hope to see you really soon.