Thursday, November 12, 2009

No longer a Newborn

DH and I both had one of those moments yesterday...We're parents and couldn't be happier, prouder, more shocked, more ready, all around just amazingly fulfilled. We always said we were so happy just as we were and if for some reason we never had children, yes we would be sad but we would still be happy. A child was not to fill a void but someone we could share our happiness with and teach and show the world to.

Noah has shown and taught us a love we could never have imagined. He's truly a blessing. We feel so lucky to be able to give him our love and the world.

Last night as DH was rocking him and I was cleaning out his dresser...he was born bigger than the "newborn" size but was still able to wear most of it, we discovered as DH tried to put a NB sleeper on him...they no longer fit. Anyway, at this moment we realized we both had the same ahha moment yesterday. It was pretty great.

Stats Update
By my very precise and scientific measurements...Noah weighs 10lbs and is 21 inches.

I know grandma you want sweet perfect pictures but I tend to favor the goofy ones...


Anonymous said...

What a face!!!! I could just kiss him & hug him. He is adorable. The more pictures the Better in my humble opinion. We love him more each day. Thank you for being such loving parents to this bundle of joy.

Birth Grandma

Julie said...

I like the goofy ones! He is too cute!

Denver Jen said...

What a cute baby! I just found your blog through A Pea in Our Pod. It looks like our babies are right around the same age. Nora was born on 9/30. Congrats and I look forward to reading more!