Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More boxes please!

I believe the movers are as thankful this day will finally come as I am. They didn't come yesterday as secondly planned but will be here tomorrow as thirdly planned. Yahoo!! I will be so glad when this part of the journey is over. I took today off to get things done (taking a small break to type).

I've probably called them 30 times and stopped by a couple of handful of time.

My calls are as such:

"So you said if it can fit in a box it needs to go in a box - I need more boxes"

"I need more boxes"

"Can I come by at 3 and get more boxes"

"I don't have a box for my stroller"...response: "Jennifer, if it fits in a "standard" moving box it needs to go in a box." again: "I need more boxes"

I've also probably asked them 10 times what size truck they are using. My dad has asked me because he's concerned about getting it where it needs to get in Fort Bragg. I think the movers think I'm crazy and am worried about having enough room ('cause I keep asking for more boxes). Their response is "A BIG ONE" "an 18 wheeler" "a semi". I guess they'll figure it out when they get there.

Bless their hearts, they seem to have a good sense of humor about it and are totally tolerating my AAA personality and control tendencies.

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Hillary said...

Is "AAA" personality like a type A personality x 3???? B/c if so, you are SO spot on. :)